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World: economists Tüteln to estimate for Omikron's global economy effect

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(Bloomberg) - The omikron variant dampens optimistic hopes that the global economy stabilizes next year. The plan, now rather focus on inflation than on weak demand, could be a waste again.

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Travel restrictions shake the trust of consumers And companies and are likely to vapor economic activity in the pre-Christmas phase. The markets reacted quickly to the setback. Expectations for interest rate increases in the coming year fell by at least 10 basis points for the US Central Banks, Great Britain and Australia on Friday.

omikron variant: calls After faster and harder measures are always loud

 omikron variant: calls After faster and harder measures are always loud , given further rising corona numbers and the new omikron variant, demands for rapid and more drastic measures are becoming more and more louder. The first cases of the mutation were reported on the weekend in Hesse and Bavaria. Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) demanded: "To protect our health system, we unfortunately have to shut up the whole country even more." The National Science Academy Leopoldina demanded immediate contact restrictions.

Swaps traders cut their expectations for hikes after omicron © Bloomberg Swaps Traders Cut Their Expectations for Hikes After Omicron

How it continues, depends crucially on what virologists find out about the new SARS COV 2 variant, such as resistant it is against vaccines and how transferable them in comparison The delta variant is, which in the last few months drifting infections to the height without causing a new recession so far.

In the worst case, the mutation would require a return to Lockdowns, which would endanger the already tense supply chains and that would affect recovering demand. This would revive the fears before stagflation with faster inflation and slower growth.

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In a favorable case, the mutation does not turn out as threatening as originally feared. However, her emergence reminds that the pandemic will remain a threat to the global economy, possibly still for years.

13 Omikron Falls in Portuguese football team

 13 Omikron Falls in Portuguese football team Also in Portugal, the new Corona variant of Omikron has been found for the first time. The virus had been found in 13 players and other members of the First League Football Club of Belenenses Lisbon. © Sh / Atlantico Press Via Zuma Press / DPA Belenenses had only six players available against Benfica Lisbon because of the Corona Falls: Referee Manuel Mota (2.v.r) discussed with the players.

"We are not in a stapflation yet," said Alicia Garcia Herrero, chief economist for the Asia-Pacific region at Natixis SA. "But another year without cross-border mobility and associated interruptions of the supply chain could do us there, however, many economists think that the effects are lower than during recession 2020. The governments are increasingly restrained to impose lockdowns again. Supply with vaccines, in part, explains why high-frequency data indicates that the measures last imposed in Europe have proven to be more flexible and less growth.

"Companies and households have become accustomed to restrictions and prohibitions, so that the consequences may not be so serious this time," said Rob Subbaraman, Head of Global Markets Research at Nomura Holdings Inc.

after the news of the new variant's financial markets on On Friday in a turmoil, there was a little reassurance on Monday. Stockfutures placed, WTI oil rose again to around 71 dollars per barrel and the yield of 10-year Treasuries climbed over 1.5%.

Moderna share loses predatory: Moderna CEO warns of lower vaccine effectiveness at Omikron

 Moderna share loses predatory: Moderna CEO warns of lower vaccine effectiveness at Omikron of the boss of the US biotech group Moderna, Stephane Bancel, assuming that existing Corona vaccines are less effective against the new virus variant Omikron are considered against former variants. © Provided by Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images The Moderna chief warned in the Financial Times that it would take months before pharmaceutical companies could produce new variant-specific vaccines in masses.

10-year Treasury yields recover from worst of Friday's drop © Bloomberg 10-Year Treasury Yields Recover from Worst of Friday's Drop A challenge for economic policy will be the fact that there are fewer options after the economic activity of the last year. Only a handful of central banks have streamlined monetary policy since the end of the recession, and the most important key interest rates of industrialized countries remain at zero and can not be reduced. However, the governments groans already under massive debt load.

"It is certain that the economic uncertainty has become even bigger: the economists need a great dose of humility if they predict the prospects for 2022," said Subbaraman.

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Economists Wargame How Omicron Will Impact Global Recovery (1)

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BIONTECH announces adapted Omikron vaccine for March! .
The vaccine manufacturer BIONTECH already expects a vaccine adapted to the omikron variant of the coronavirus, if an adjustment of the vaccine for a higher and long-lasting protection should be necessary. This announced Biontech and his US partner Pfizer in a communication.

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