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World: Niger: The convoy of the Barkhane mission finally arrived in Gao after many

Burkina Faso: The still French military convoy blocked at the entrance of Kaya, the situation speaks

 Burkina Faso: The still French military convoy blocked at the entrance of Kaya, the situation speaks © Olympia of Maismont / AFP Soldiers Burkinabe patrolt near a grumbled zone where the French soldiers were removed from the 20th of November 2021. The convoy of the French army is preparing to spend a third night in Kaya, a hundred kilometers from the city. After the failure of the mediation of the administrative authorities and politicians, French soldiers had to make summons to push the protesters. with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI "The French army will retreat.

Des soldats français au milieu d'un convoi de véhicules blindés le 27 mars 2019, lors du début de l'opération Barkhane, dans la région de Gourma au Mali. © Daphne Benoit, AFP of the French soldiers in the middle of a convoy of armored vehicles on March 27, 2019, at the beginning of Operation Barkhane , in the region of Gourma in Mali.

The suppressive military convoy of the French army Party of Côte d'Ivoire has finally arrived in Gao, after many clashes and demonstrations on the road, against the presence of France in the Sahel, which have made three dead in Niger. Narrative and explanations.

A French military convoy en route for Mali from Côte d'Ivoire ten days ago, finally arrived, on Sunday night to Monday, Gao. His career was enamelled clashes and demonstrations that made three dead in Niger.

Burkina Faso: The French military convoy left Kaya for Ouagadougou

 Burkina Faso: The French military convoy left Kaya for Ouagadougou © Olympia of Maismont / AFP Soldiers Burkinabe patrolt near a grilled area where French soldiers were entrenched on November 20, 2021. the day was tense around the base where the convoy of the French army has settled. Protesters tried to access the site. French soldiers carried out summons to move them away. The Governor of the Kaya Region went twice on the spot to try to defuse the crisis and allow the convoy to return to Ouagadougou.

These incidents, the first of this kind, highlight the question of the presence of the French force in the Sahel, according to the great Reporter of France 24 Cyril Payen. "It's an event that is taken seriously at the highest peak of the French staff and probably beyond," says our journalist. "We are in a slightly complicated resizing period of Operation Barkhane".

The French military presence in the Sahel, deployed as part of Operation Barkhan Jihadist Groups, is also criticized in its former colonies like in Niger, Burkina Faso and other African countries. West. "Without this economic umbilical cord, it will be complicated to continue this operation in the current terms," ​​says Reporter of France 24. "This can create a precedent".

How Niger is fending off coronavirus

  How Niger is fending off coronavirus Although rates of the coronavirus in Niger are low, experts warn that it could still be vulnerable and stressed the need for ongoing vigilance. Although there are plenty of unknowns about the coronavirus in Niger, lots of factors play into its remarkably low levels of COVID-19, according to Souleymane and others. Niger is the largest country in West Africa, geographically, and it doesn’t have the kind of housing infrastructure or public transportation system that leads to as much mixing of people as elsewhere.

"This is a disaster scenario for this operation in full mutation," summarizes Cyril Payen.

Three Dead

This convoy had been targeted Saturday when joining Nigerian soil after being blocked a week in Burkina Faso by several hundred people protesting against the presence of France at the Sahel.

less than 30 km after the passage of the Niger border, he faced new events near the city of Tera, in the West, where he paused for the night, according to Pascal Ianni, the word of the chief of staff of the French armies.

In a statement, the Nigerian Ministry of the Interior stated that "the convoy of the French Force Barkhane, under escort of the National Gendarmerie, en route to Mali, was blocked by very violent protesters in Tera (.. .), Where (sic) spent the night ". "In his attempt to disengage, she made use of the strength," he added, showing a balance sheet of 2 dead and 18 wounded, including 11 serious. "An investigation is open to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy and locate the responsibilities," continued the department.

"There have been a lot of emotions on the side of the French soldiers because we did not expect such resistance, there were even wounded according to the staff, among the civil drivers of the trucks", describes Cyril PAYEN.

with Reuters and AFP

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