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World: The President of the Seine-Saint-Denis opposes the Meeting of Eric Zemmour to Villepinte

Presidential 2022: Ten elected large cities call "a popular jumping" against Eric Zemmour

 Presidential 2022: Ten elected large cities call These elected representatives of different political sensibilities denounce "Simplistic reasoning" of the far-right polemicist © Mourad Allili / Sipa Photo tagged Eric Zemmour on October 20, 2021.

Après avoir envisagé de tenir à Paris son premier meeting à la suite de l'annonce de sa candidature à l'élection présidentielle, le polémiste Eric Zemmour a finalement déporté l'événement au Parc des Expositions de Villepinte en Seine-Saint-Denis. Jeudi soir, Stéphane Troussel a lancé une pétition et un site pour s'opposer à sa tenue. © Tolga Akmen / AFP after considering to hold in Paris his first meeting following the announcement of his candidacy for The presidential election, the Polemiste Eric Zemmour finally deported the event at the Parc des Expositions of Villepinte in Seine-Saint-Denis. Thursday evening, Stéphane Trousel launched a petition and a site to oppose his outfit.

The President PS of the departmental council of the Seine-Saint-Denis Stéphane Trousel launched Thursday night a petition and a site to oppose the holding of the Meeting of Eric Zemmour in Villepinte Sunday, a "revolting symbol". "Neither the Seine-Saint-Denis nor the 'diversity' can not be used to assert to those who attack the Republic, which hate France and who undermine its principles on a daily basis," writes Stéphane Troussel in a petition hosted on the site. Pascheznous, created for the occasion.

Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ...

 Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ... © Agency / Panoramic / Bestimage Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ... still not officially presidential candidate of 2022, Éric Zemmour could put an end to the debate on Tuesday, November 30. A video would be posted on social networks at 12am. For several months, Eric Zemmour is in Operation Campaign . Yet the polemicist was still not declared a candidate to the presidential election of 2022. A suspense that could end today.

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after considering to hold his first meeting in Paris as a result of the announcement of his candidacy in the presidential election , the polemicist D The extreme right Eric Zemmour finally remarked the event at the Villepinte Exhibition Center in Seine-Saint-Denis. Evoking a charter of diversity signed in 2009 by Viparis, owner of the places, Stéphane Troussel pin the company into his petition: "These commitments are absolutely incompatible with the reception of a polemicist who (...) leads today A campaign whose only foundation is racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, the hatred of Muslims.

Video: Emmanuel Macron: \ (BFMTV)

"The symbol is revolting"

"We can not make 'business' with hatred merchants, when you say defend the values ​​of Diversity ", does it push. "The symbol is revolting". "The Viparis group must be explained: it must refuse to welcome the political meeting of a multi-sentenced polemicist and candidate for public provocation to racial hatred, in Seine-Saint-Denis!", Concludes Stéphane Troussel .

Does Zemmour's finger of honor more shocked than his racist remarks?

 Does Zemmour's finger of honor more shocked than his racist remarks? © Copyright 2021, Obs Chloé Morin is a specialist in opinion, expert associated with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation. In particular, it published "Populism for the help of democracy? (Gallimard, 2021).

on BFMTV Friday morning, the spokesman for the PS Anne Hidalgo candidate justified his petition by wanting to "challenge a business". "I know my skills and powers (...), I do not have to prohibit the Meeting of Éric Zemmour, I intervene a company, an important group anchored in the territory of Seine-Saint-Denis", He explained.

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"I consider that Eric Zemmour is a gravedigger of the Republic, Republican principles, freedom, equality, fraternity, and therefore it is my role to defend the citizens of this department," added Mr. Troussel, criticizing a candidate who "spends his time insulting the Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants". He also indicated that the petition had collected 2,000 signatures. Asked by AFP, Viparis, which operates other major exhibition sites including that of the Porte de Versailles, did not wish to comment.

Meeting of Zemmour: towards a dissolution of the group of ultradroite "The Zouaves"? .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs the ultradroite group "The Zouaves", suspected of being involved in the violence committed Sunday during the Meeting of Eric Zemmour , "is the subject of a job" By territorial intelligence with a view to a possible dissolution procedure, we learned this Friday 10 December of source close to the file. "This group is the subject of a work due to the actions committed," a source close to the file, confirming information from " Parisien ".

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