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World: Emmanuel Macron invokes the "stability" in the Gulf for his meeting with Mohamed Ben Salmane

'Le wokisme': France wrestles with wokeness as latest American import

  'Le wokisme': France wrestles with wokeness as latest American import PARIS — For four November days, France’s aspiring leaders traipsed through a conference center on the outskirts of Paris, tasting regional delicacies, trying on specialty wares, and posing for selfies at the ninth Made in France showcase. © Provided by Washington Examiner It’s a widely watched stop for French politicos who claim to hold the line against the forces of globalization that have decimated the country’s local industrial economies and led to surging unemployment. Now, some fear that predatory global influences have designs on another target: France’s fiercely protected language and culture.

Le chef de l’État français, Emmanuel Macron à l’Élysée le 1er décembre 2021. © Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters The Head of State French, Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee on December 1, 2021.

the head of the State pursues its displacement in the Gulf countries this Saturday, December 4th. After Qatar, Emmanuel Macron stops in Saudi Arabia where he must meet the Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane. Meeting, in particular because of charges against "MBS" for its role played in the assassination of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

The French President Emmanuel Macron must meet Saturday, December 4 in Jeddah, on The west coast of Saudi Arabia , the Hirier Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, a strong man of the kingdom, to ensure the "Stability" in the Gulf and discuss the situation in Lebanon.

Who might upset Macron's bid for a second term in office

  Who might upset Macron's bid for a second term in office Who might upset Macron's bid for a second term in officeHowever, after a first term mired in social unrest - during which he took steps to liberalise France's labour laws, cut taxes on the wealthy and businesses and tried to reconfigure trans-Atlantic relations - the margins are tighter than the drubbing he delivered to the far right's Marine Le pen in 2017.

Emmanuel Macron performs an express tour in the Gulf. It is expected in this great Saudi port city in the aftermath of a visit to the United Arab Emirates.

He will be one of the first Western leaders to meet "MBS" since the assassination in 2018 of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi to the consulate of his country in Istanbul. The image of the International Crown Prince has been strongly tarnished by this case.

The head of state judged the necessary Friday to speak to Saudi Arabia, "First Gulf Country in terms of size" , to be able to "work towards the stability of the region".

But that "Does not mean that we are complacent," insured, alluding to this assassination.

"I note that Saudi Arabia organized the G20 as early as the Khashoggi case) and I did not note that many powers have boycotted the G20", still statement. "We have always been clear on the subject of human rights or this case" .

80 gusting aircraft and heavy helicopters for the United Arab Emirates

 80 gusting aircraft and heavy helicopters for the United Arab Emirates © Thierry Hollow / West-France The sale of seventy bursts to the United Arab Emirates is a "French success", according to Dassault. In the wake of the President of the Republic, the French aeronautical manufacturer signed with the United Arab Emirates his biggest export order. Airbus also sold twelve heavy military helicopters.

the Lebanese cross-canvas crisis

against MBS, it intends in particular to plead the cause of Lebanon where the economic crisis has been aggravated by the diplomatic crisis open in October with several states of the Gulf, at the forefront of which Arabia, who had frozen his imports.

These efforts should take advantage of the resignation, announced Friday, from the Lebanese Minister George Kordahi, at the origin of the crisis for criticizing the military intervention of Ryad in Yemen.

Welcoming this resignation, Emmanuel Macron expressed his hopes for "to re-engage all the Gulf countries in the relationship with Lebanon" .

It has been very involved for a year to help Lebanon get out of the worst socio-economic crisis in its history.

The relations between Beirut and the Arab Gulf States have stretched up in recent years due to the growing influence of pro-Iran Hezbollah.

Macron finishes his tour in the Gulf by meeting the Saudi Crown Prince

 Macron finishes his tour in the Gulf by meeting the Saudi Crown Prince The Prince Heir Mohammed Ben Salmane, the strong man of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, welcomed the French president in the early afternoon in the Royal Palace of the great Saudi port city. © bandar Algaloud / Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court / Handout Emmanuel Macron arrived Saturday in Jeddah, on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, to chat with the Prince heir Mohammed Ben Salmane of the "Stability" in the Middle East and the situation in Lebanon.

"France has a role to play in the region [...] but how to want to work towards the stability of the region, how to want to deal with Lebanon and deal with so many topics by ignoring the first Gulf country in terms of geography and size ", highlighted French president.

The United Arab Emirates have signed Friday, on the first day of the presidential trip in the Gulf, an agreement to acquire 80 battle planes burst - Record command for the fighter aircraft entered into service in 2004 - for 14 billion euros. Other military contracts (helicopters and armaments) raised a total of 17 billion.

After Dubai, where he spoke with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyan, the French President met with Qatar Emir Cheikh Tamim Ben Hamad al-Thani.

Emmanuel Macron has "thanked" Qatar for organizing the evacuation of 258 Afghans , "threatened because of their commitments" or "of their links with France", which will be repatriated to The hexon after being passed by Doha.

A complaint lodged in Paris

at the very moment of this presidential displacement, a complaint was filed on Friday in Paris with a civil party constitution for the heirs of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, especially for financing terrorism.

The complainants, victims of war in Yemen, accuse these two countries for joining an with the jihadist group Al-Qaeda, explained their lawyer Joseph Breham.

Saudi Arabia, allied from the United States, has been involved in Yemen since 2015 at the head of a military coalition in support of the government against the Houthis rebels, supported politically by Iran, enemy of Washington and Rival Regional Ryad.

The Emirates withdrew their troops from Yemen in 2019 but remain members of the coalition.

The Saudi authorities have not responded to the stresses of the AFP at this stage. Also contacted, the Emirati power had no comment to do in the immediate future.

Emmanuel Macron in Hungary: Europe Online .
© AFP - Attila Kisbeneek The French President Emmanuel Macron and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban give a press conference in Budapest on December 13, 2021. The French President is In Hungary, the only country of the European Union that it has not visited yet since the beginning of its five-year. He also participates in a meeting of the Visegrád Group, which includes four Central European countries and meets the Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

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