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World: Application of Eric Zemmour: "One can not govern by fracturizing and dividing"

Zemmour rayed, Bayrou and Philippe in arm wrestling, twins at the Elysee

 Zemmour rayed, Bayrou and Philippe in arm wrestling, twins at the Elysee © Copyright 2021, The Obs A 148 days before the second round of presidential elections, there is like a contagious disease in the air ... Facing the "zemmourisation minds" They lead the fight. For them, no question of letting the "zemmourisation minds" to continue. In an article published on Thursday transpartisan by "the World" , ten city mayors call for "a popular surge" against the extreme right polemicist. They accuse him of being "head" of a "media predation." Zemmour "uses" the history of

Victoire de Valérie Pécresse au congrès des Républicains de la droite, élection présidentielle, candidature d'Eric Zemmour... Invitée de Jean-Pierre Elkabbach dimanche matin, Florence Portelli, vice-présidente de la région Ile-de-France et porte-parole de Valérie Pécresse, a évoqué la vision de la droite pour 2022 tout en revenant sur les propos polémique du candidat Eric Zemmour. © Europe 1 Victory of Valérie Pécresse at the Republican Congress of the right, presidential election, Application of Eric Zemmour ... invited to Jean-Pierre Elkabbach Sunday morning, Florence Portelli, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region and spokesman of Valérie Pécresse, mentioned the vision of the right for 2022 while returning to the controversy of the candidate Eric Zemmour.

In the aftermath of Valérie Pécresse at the Republicans Congress, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour , both candidates for the presidential election, called the support of Eric Ciotti to rally to their left. "The problem is that they are so much at the end of a political chessboard that are unable to gather and in my opinion of winning," launched Florence Portelli, the spokesman for Valérie Pécresse . Guest of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach Sunday morning, the Vice-President of the Ile-de-France region also returned to the many words of Eric Zemmour who could sometimes be polemic. "One can not govern by fracturing and dividing, it's revolting," she added.

Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ...

 Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ... © Agency / Panoramic / Bestimage Eric Zemmour Finally Candidate declared? This video that intrigues ... still not officially presidential candidate of 2022, Éric Zemmour could put an end to the debate on Tuesday, November 30. A video would be posted on social networks at 12am. For several months, Eric Zemmour is in Operation Campaign . Yet the polemicist was still not declared a candidate to the presidential election of 2022. A suspense that could end today.

"He begins to lose all credibility"

"he says a lot of false and serious things," continued the spokesperson. The words of Eric Zemmour concerning Jews and Petain revolted it. "There is always an impassable dike that is of course the extremes, racism, anti-Semitism, the trivialization of hatred, it is not possible, one can not govern by fracturizing and dividing, it is revolting . "

Video: Eric Zemmour's nomination on LCI (Dailymotion)

debate with the former polemicist does not scare the mayor of Taverny who would like to confront him with his contradictions. "We saw that Eric Zemmour, barely entered campaign, already begins to lose all the credibility by his violent outrages and comments," she said. "You have to see his behavior with your colleague Gilles Birleau ."

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concerning the vision of the right for 2022, Florence Portelli ensures that the candidate of Republicans will be in the political line of his members. "Valérie Pécresse is not going to bring together the right of the right but it will bring together the French, France because the right is wearing a credible project and I think that ever the ideas in this country have been so right", A-T -The concluded.

Meeting of Zemmour: towards a dissolution of the group of ultradroite "The Zouaves"? .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs the ultradroite group "The Zouaves", suspected of being involved in the violence committed Sunday during the Meeting of Eric Zemmour , "is the subject of a job" By territorial intelligence with a view to a possible dissolution procedure, we learned this Friday 10 December of source close to the file. "This group is the subject of a work due to the actions committed," a source close to the file, confirming information from " Parisien ".

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