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World: protest? Marko calls for punishment for Hamilton

Naomi Osaka lights Olympic cauldron, capping an opening ceremony unlike any other

  Naomi Osaka lights Olympic cauldron, capping an opening ceremony unlike any other Fewer than 1,000 spectators were present for the night's pageantry, speeches and parade of athletes.As the Games face the ongoing threat of Covid-19, with the Japanese capital under a state of emergency and many of the country's residents adamantly opposed to hosting the Olympics at all, viewers were still treated to the night's festivities that marked the beginning of the world sporting event.

The crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max stages leads to a punishment against the Dutch. His boss Helmut Marko sees his team unjustly treated and raises serious allegations against Hamilton.

Protest? Marko fordert Strafe für Hamilton © Provided by protest? Marko demands penalty for Hamilton

It was the excitement scene in a chaotic and spectacular formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia : Lewis Hamilton crashes in the 38th round in the Red Bull of his World Cup adversary Max.

that had ever been slower before and has caused the accident. So at least the stewards saw it and brunt the Dutch subsequently a ten-second penalty. (Data: Driver's Ranking of Formula 1)

Hamilton: Do not stip the bar

 Hamilton: Do not stip the bar Lewis Hamilton and Max stages fight for the World Cup title. Before the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia follows the first impact exchange at the press conference. © Provided by Hamilton: Do not stip the bar It goes to the mated! Two races Before the end of the World Cup, details can choose the duel between Red Bull Challenger Max (24) and Mercedes Package Venges Lewis Hamilton (36). It's a fight to knife cutting edge: stages still has eight points lead, can enter the title in Saudi Arabia.

While has no consequences for the title showdown in a week in Abu Dhabi. But with Red Bull, the trouble is still great. (News: All current information about Formula 1)

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Even before the judgment fallen, Motorsport adviser Helmut had Marko explains his view of things and made his anger air. (Data: The Team Rating of Formula 1 )

Marko: "Feel unfairly treated"

"We feel unfairly treated, yes. We are working to prove that the brake pressure of Max (stages, Note d. Red. ) has not increased in the accident with Hamilton, "he said the image .

stood did not slow so that Hamilton pours into him, so the Grazer: "Hamilton has just waited and drove Max into the car. Unfortunately, that has left two big cuts in our rear tire. That's why we could not attack anymore. " (the votes to the Great Prix of Saudi Arabia)

Marko Announcement Wrong: But no red-bull protest!

 Marko Announcement Wrong: But no red-bull protest! © Motorsport Images Helmut Marko Confirms the opposition of Red Bull Chaos completely at the Formula 1 weekend in Saudi Arabia: Red Bull has no appointment against the acquittal of Lewis Hamilton after the investigation because of a supposed offense under double yellow Inserted. An appropriate confirmation of Red-Bull MotorsportConsultant Helmut Marko at 'ServusTV' turned out to be wrong. "We have appealed against this decision.

The team will collect all the facts and thus go to the race management. "We hope that the responsible persons can come to a new assessment if we can prove our views with facts - and then there is hopefully a punishment for the Hamilton side."

Marko suggests protest at

at RTL said the 78- Year, Red Bull will not accept the result "not accept" a protest against the rating of the race.

Also at Servus TV Marko felt unfairly treated: "We are looking for facts. We can believe I prove that Max was consistently in the brake pressure. "

was punished then but not Hamilton, but stipen .

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Expert About Hamilton Abbreviation in Round 1: "Would have been able to punish" .
© Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton after the maneuver in the outlet zone from of the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix ended with a controversy around the WM Fight and he also started with a small controversy. Already in the first round of the final race, it came between Lewis Hamilton and Max stages to a disputed scene when Hamilton had left the harassment of curve 6 and 7 after a hard maneuver of his rivals.

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