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Emmanuel Macron invokes the "stability" in the Gulf for his meeting with Mohamed Ben Salmane

 Emmanuel Macron invokes the © Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters The Head of State French, Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee on December 1, 2021. the head of the State pursues its displacement in the Gulf countries this Saturday, December 4th. After Qatar, Emmanuel Macron stops in Saudi Arabia where he must meet the Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane. Meeting, in particular because of charges against "MBS" for its role played in the assassination of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Le président français Emmanuel Macron et le Premier ministre hongrois Viktor Orban donnent une conférence de presse à Budapest le 13 décembre 2021. © AFP - Attila Kisbeneek The French President Emmanuel Macron and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban give a press conference in Budapest on December 13, 2021.

The French President is In Hungary, the only country of the European Union that it has not visited yet since the beginning of its five-year. He also participates in a meeting of the Visegrád Group, which includes four Central European countries and meets the Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

of our Special Envoy to Budapest, Anthony Lattier

The French President gathered before the grave of Agnes Heller at the cemetery of Kozma Utca, this philosopher he admired and who died two years ago. She was one of the anti-orban voices in her country.

Council of the European Union: Emmanuel Macron will hold Thursday a press conference on the French Presidency

 Council of the European Union: Emmanuel Macron will hold Thursday a press conference on the French Presidency The Head of State will expose at 4 pm to the Elysee "the great European priorities that France will wear during the presidency" of 6 months beginning January 1 © Nicolas Messyasz The flags of the EU and France at the Elysee in front of Emmanuel Macron.

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The message is clear and limpid: Emmanuel Macron does not come to Hungary to endorse Viktor Orban's policy. The message, moreover, will be reiterated later in the afternoon since the leader of the French state will speak with the representative of the Hungarian opposition. An opposition that fights against a prime minister that she accuses having stifled Hungarian democracy, and to conduct hate policies against minorities.

Video: Hungary: "We are political opponents and European partners," says Viktor Orban about him and Emmanuel Macron (Le Figaro)

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European Union: Emmanuel Macron details the three axes of the French Presidency

 European Union: Emmanuel Macron details the three axes of the French Presidency The President of the Republic mentioned "the need for revival in response to the crisis", the need for "power" and the need to assume the feeling of European belonging. © Provided by franceinfo "Revival, power, belonging." Emmanuel Macron described, Monday, December 6, the three axes of the French Presidency of the EU , during a debate for the 25 years of the Jacques Delors Institute, before his press conference on this subject Thursday .

targets also criticized by Emmanuel Macron, but the French chief of state can not afford to sulk Viktor Orban with whom he has lunch this afternoon. He needs him to make a success of the French Presidency of the European Union that begins in two weeks.

Besides, the two men have been able to compete publicly for five years, when they meet, the handshake is warm. It was time for a president to Budapest, Victor Orban rejoices. Last time it was Nicolas Sarkozy 14 years ago.

and the Hungarian Prime Minister resumes the definition of France of their relationship: "political opponents and at the same time European partners". Emmanuel Macron acquiesces. He sends the subjects who are angry: "respect for the rule of law and fundamental rights, the pluralism of the media, the fight against discrimination is at the heart of the European project.

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Convergence points The Elysee thinks that, despite divergences, points of agreement are possible on French priorities such as the regulation of digital giants or the reform of the right of asylum. Emmanuel Macron therefore wants to try the ground hoping that Oran does not block his presidency.

Macron: "EU must have its boundaries under control"

 Macron: three weeks before the French Council Presidency come from the Élysée-Palast clear demands. Not all of them are likely to hear the new federal government. © Ludovic Marin / AP Photo / Picture Alliance France's President Emmanuel Macron has pronounced for a new mechanism for the protection of Europe's external boundaries . This should reach in the case of a crisis situation in the Schengenraum, Macron said at a press conference on the upcoming French Chairman Presidency in Paris.

and to emphasize the importance of the discussion to fold Victor Orban on the rule of law: "The need to respect each of the Member States and to understand how these tensions come to how these choices can be done. And to find by the discussion by the demanding work and through dialogue, a path that leads us together faithful to our project and respectful of each other.

Respect rather than confrontation. We are far from the European campaign where the leader of the French state accused Orban to "advocate a hate speech".

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