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World: Krasser Plan: Food in Germany should be significantly more expensive

Federal Minister: Özdemir calls for adequate prices for food

 Federal Minister: Özdemir calls for adequate prices for food people in Germany should be their food as well as their cars, calls for the Minister of Agriculture. In addition, Özdemir cannabis finally wants to legalize. © Imago Images / Future Image Want to change changes for farmers and consumers: the Greens Minister Cem Özdemir and Steffi Lemke. Özdemir calls for reasonable prices for food Federal Minister of Economics Cem Özdemir wants to promote the legalization of Cannabis and looks great interests in farmers in Germany.

of the Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, wants to increase food prices - and also explains how.

Einkaufswagen im Supermarkt © Imago / Martin Wagner Shopping Cart in the Supermarket

The calculations of the Statistics Authority Eurostat has come out that in Romania, where the food is most favorable, people have to raise 26 percent of their income for their supermarket purchases - a peak .

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Meanwhile, it is in France and Italy 13.1 and 14.2 percent. The average is 12.1 percent. In Germany we are just below with food expenditure of 10.8 percent (stand 2020). But that should change in the future.

2022 will be the last year of nuclear power in Germany

 2022 will be the last year of nuclear power in Germany © Lukas Barth / Reuters The last six reactors still active will be definitively stopped on December 31, 2022. Three reactors will be stopped this Friday 31 December 2021, the last three will follow, a year later. The new German government endorses the end of the atom, despite oppositions. discussed for decades and endorsed after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 by atomic law, the exit of nuclear nuclear is concretized in Germany : the last six reactors, a powerful net of 8.1 gigawatts, Permanentl

"No Ramschvreise for Food"

CEM Özdemir, Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture, wants to continue in the future against the "Ramschpreise" in German supermarkets. The reason is the associated improvements for farmers, for the climate and for animal husbandry. The green politician explains in conversation with Image:

Video: Farm President now also demands higher prices for food (Glomex)

"I want us in Germany our great foods as well as our great cars. Sometimes I have that Feeling, a good engine oil is more important to us than a good salad oil.

I want more appreciation for our farmers. There must no longer give rise to rams for food, they drive farms in the ruin, prevent more wildlife, carry the species dying and burden the Climate. I want to change that. "

Germany stops three nuclear reactors in the middle of energy crisis in Europe

 Germany stops three nuclear reactors in the middle of energy crisis in Europe © AFP / Archives C Cooperation alley: while Europe is currently confronting one of the worst energy crises in its history, half of The remaining German nuclear capacity will be taken off on Friday, a decade after Angela Merkel's historic decision to release his country from the atom.

farmers and animal welfare associations such as the German Animal Welfare Association are behind the plan of the new minister. He is not cheered by all. The criticism also came out of its own ranks. The co-speaker of the Green Youth Organization Twittered recently:

"We can talk about higher food prices, if 13.4 million people in Germany no longer have to live in poverty ????"

The planned measures

How to implement? Özdemir explains it's better to keep a few animals and better. Investments should take place there where the posture conditions are good in the stables. For animal cruelty penalties are to quench.

In order to counteract the minister, the minister also wants supermarkets to donate - and the law enforcement at "containers" end: this means that you can eat products that you can eat, but the best before date has just expired from the containers Can take the supermarkets without being punished - as before.

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