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World: Dissolution of the "Zouaves Paris", a group of ultradroite involved in violence

videos simulating shots on Macron and the Insur: Two men judged in immediate appearance

 videos simulating shots on Macron and the Insur: Two men judged in immediate appearance The two men, who met at the Meeting of Eric Zemmour in Villepinte, must appear before the judicial court of Paris, Wednesday, December 29. © Provided by FranceInfo two men must be judged immediately at the end of the day, Wednesday, December 29 in Paris, after the diffusion of videos of Ultradroite in which they simulate shots on Emmanuel Macron and elected representatives of France Insouchad, learned FranceInfo from judicial source.

following a Council of Ministers, the group of ultradroite "Zouaves Paris" was dissolved Wednesday. He was suspected of being involved in violence.

  Dissolution des «Zouaves Paris», groupe d'ultradroite impliqué dans des violences © Munsch Frederic / SIPA

A group of ultradroite, suspected of being involved in violence, particularly during a meeting of the extreme right candidate to the presidential Eric Zemmour, was dissolved Wednesday in France, by decision of the Council of Ministers. On Twitter, the French minister from the interior Gérald Darmanin accused this group, the "Zouaves Paris", to call "to hatred and violence".

The decree of dissolution complains this informal group, appeared in 2017 and gathering about twenty members, to be "originally recurring violent acts", to "spread an openly racist speech" and to broadcast "regularly Images resuming Nazi ideology symbols ". The publications of this adept gathering of flash actions in the image of "hooligans" defend "the concept of superiority of the + white +", according to the decree. Always according to the text, the ZVPs "value violent behavior by their publications against homosexuals and transsexuals".

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The group of fact "The Zouaves Paris" was dissolved this morning in the Council of Ministers, in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic.

As the decree I presented, this group of fact called for hatred and violence. To read

- Gérald Darmanin (@gdarmanin) January 5, 2022
Incident during the Meeting of Eric Zemmour

suspected of being involved in the violence involving activists of the SOS association Racism at the Eric Zemmour Electoral Reunion in Paris Region on December 5, the alleged leader of the group, Marc de Cacqueray-Vallenier, was indicted for voluntary violence. In the full speech of the Far right candidate in the presidential election, several SOS racism activists, who had exhibited "non-racism" t-shirts, had been victims of punches and jets of chairs by supports of the ' speaker.

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Eric Zemmour had condemned "all the violence" having disrupted his first meeting, while qualifying the activists of SOS racism assaulted from "provocative", "Dogs Truffiers of Grants", and the media of "complacent". Prior to this action, the ZVPs participated in the demonstration of December 1, 2018 of the social movement of "yellow vests", the most violent, particularly marked by the ramping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

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for its "participation in a group to commit degradations" during this event, Marc de Cacqueray-Vallenier was sentenced to six months prison with reprieve with 105 hours of work of general interest. The ZVPs also claimed the attack with baseball bats and tear gas from an emblematic Paris anti-phase movement.

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