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World: Scotia. Thousands of witches tortured and killed there three centuries will be pardoned

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Entre 1563 et 1736, pas moins de 3 837 sorcières ont été exécutées en Ecosse. Image d'illustration. © INTS KALNINS / REUTERS Between 1563 and 1736 no less than 3,837 witches were executed in Scotland. Illustration image.

Thousands of alleged "witches" executed in Scotland between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century, will be pardoned. A law passed by the Scottish Parliament will restore justice for more than 3000 women tortured and cruelly put to death, three centuries after the fact.

An act of justice for all the witches of the country. Scotland has adopted through its Parliament a bill to pardon more than 3,000 people sentenced to death for witchcraft between the sixteenth and eighteenth century on the territory, reports The Guardian relayed by Slate.

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For centuries, witchcraft was considered a capital crime Scotland. Those tried and convicted, mostly women, were strangled or burned alive in the public square after being tortured to make them confess their crimes.

I posted a screenshot of this Guardian article from three weeks ago and broke IG. There Will Be a pardon For Those accusé of witchcraft in Scotland. This gesture is a legal victory for human rights, and I hope it exchange the way we talk about this history

- Allyson Shaw (@northseawitch) December 31, 2021,


requested apology between 1563 and 1736 no less than 3,837 witches (84% women) have been executed, tells the British media. Judgment Day for witchcraft took place in 1704. "Per capita, between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century, we ran five times more people than anywhere else in Europe" said Claire Mitchell, a lawyer and activist group Witches of Scotland, cited by Slate.

It is this group that campaigns for years in the UK to restore the honor of witches. Activists are demanding an apology and a national monument in memory of those tortured and put to death. The law passed by the Scottish Parliament was supported by Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister independence territory.

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