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World: Children's marriages now prohibited to the Philippines

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 Omikron: In the US, more children with Covid in the Hospital, the New York health authority must be warn of an increase of pediatric Covid cases in the hospital. But that does not necessarily mean that Omikron is more dangerous for children and adolescents than earlier variants. © Sebastian Rose / Getty Images In the US, the number of children who need to be treated with omikron infection in the hospital. The New York health authority spoke on 24th December even a warning .

Une Philippine sur six est mariée avant l'âge de 18 ans (image d'illlustration). © Getty Images - Ezra Acayan A Six Philippine is married before the age of 18 (Image of Illustration).

In the Philippines, the Child Marriage Prohibition Act came into force on Thursday, January 6, 2022 and it provides for the prison for anyone who wife for a person under the age of 18 or organizes or celebrates such a marriage.

in the Philippines, one in six girl is married before the age of 18, according to international plan, a coalition of NGOs fighting against these early marriages. The law entered into force on this Thursday considers the marriage of children as an abuse that "degrades, degrades and lower the intrinsic value and the dignity of the child".

Philippines' Duterte signs $98.5 billion budget for 2022

  Philippines' Duterte signs $98.5 billion budget for 2022 Philippines' Duterte signs $98.5 billion budget for 2022The national budget, 11.5% bigger than this year's spending plan, is Duterte's last before his single, six-year term ends in June.

A person who marries a child now considers 12 years in prison. The same punishment may apply in case of concubinage or for organizing or celebrating such a union. According to the Philippine government, the law is consistent with international conventions on women's rights and children.

An adaptation period of one year

The text, however, provides for a one-year adaptation period for several communities in the Philippines, including its Muslim and native minorities, where engagement and child marriages are relatively frequent. The Manila authorities explain that the transition must "convince" the communities in question.

The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, have a large Muslim minority that lives mainly in the south of the country, in the Muslim autonomous region of the Southern Island of Mindanao. A 1977 law authorizes Muslim Filipinos to marry when they reach puberty, defined for women on the date of their first rules.

Children's weddings falling in the world

The International Plan Group that has campaigned for the adoption of the law against the marriage of children, classify the Philippines on the 12th world in terms of the number of marriages of children concluded on his soil.

According to UNICEF estimates, 500 million women and girls currently alive in the world have been married in their childhood . Recent data, however, indicate that child marriages are generally declining around the world.

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