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World: SPD: Pacification? Let's stand out

hundreds of killing calls in telegram chats within two months

 hundreds of killing calls in telegram chats within two months Hamburg. In chat rooms of the Messenger's service Telegram, a media report was invited in the period from 1 November to 31 December in at least 250 cases to kill people from politics, science and media. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. © Sergei Konkov The Messenger Service Telegram. according to a research of the ARD online portal "" was called in at least 250 cases to kill people from politics, science and media in the period from 1 November to 31 December of the previous y

as the government also wants to receive the SPD party headquarters no position for vaccination. The new SPD Secretary-General Kevin Kühnert explains why - and also reveals its own indecision.

  SPD: Impfpflicht? Da halten wir uns raus © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Paccapy? Since we hold out

Kevin Kühnert, new Secretary-General of the SPD, recently called the party "Head and Heart" of the Social Democratic Movement and Group and Government whose "hands". He wanted to make it clear who thinks and feels in the SPD and who fails.

sounds like a clear division of labor in the body of social democracy. On Monday, January 10 at 12 o'clock, at his first official appearance as Secretary General in the party headquarters, but Kühnert has a problem to solve: how to explain it when the hands rest, but also heart and head are unsure?

extension of the Iraq mandate: Baerbocks factory and hat ego post

 extension of the Iraq mandate: Baerbocks factory and hat ego post To the first resolution of the traffic light to a mission abroad there is controversy. Not only the Greens See below critical, and the SPD parliamentary leader wanted to limit him closely. © Photo: picture alliance / dpa role change: As opposition leader refused annalena baerbock the Iraq deployment. as Secretary of State, they extended him now.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is heavily under pressure because it has a general vaccination in prospect - "from early February, early March". But as it looks, the schedule can hardly be adhered to so hard because it is unclear how the vaccination requirement is designed and several legal aspects are . The government should not give a draft, the decision should be with the deputies in the Bundestag.

One hand, the government, does not touch. And the other, the faction? Do not pack right too. Only at the end of January there should be a first debate in the Bundestag. The method for vaccinating obligation is drawn.

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What's the head thinks, what feels the heart, what does the Secretary-General?

as Secretary-General, it is important to clarify the positions of the party - actually

"The invention of possible majorities takes place in the Bundestag. We will therefore refrain from making it out of the party headquarters or only to bring models into play." But after all, you can know how he personally stands for a general vaccination requirement: "I'm not decided to vote for today," says Kühnert. He retains his motivations for the undecidedness.

15,000 demonstrators against agricultural policy expects

 15,000 demonstrators against agricultural policy expects The green week is falling out this year for Corona - the traditional major demonstration of critics of agricultural policy should lead again through Berlin. © Christoph Seder / DPA A woman demonstrates before the Chancellery in Berlin against the current agricultural and nutritional policy of Germany. For Protestzug «We are full of agricultural industry!" On 22 January, according to the assembly authority, the organizers expect 15,000 people.

Kühnert, 32, has inherited the post of Secretary-General in December of Lars Klingbeil, which is now co-chairman of the SPD. The Secretary-General is to clarify the positions of the party and to go into the political confrontation to the pain limits. In addition, a secretary-general must always keep an eye on its own store.

The power bolder's first appearance after a committee session also so difficult: Put SPD chancellor Scholz does not bring through the general vaccination obligation to which he has known early, this failure is also due to the SPD. Four state elections must pass the party 2022. Kühnert, who had once fought Scholz as a Juso chairman, can be studied in an unfamiliar role on this day - as a defender of Scholz.

he tells how he looked at the morning, at the morning, at the time of the past, the Chancellor said that the Chancellor said it was "desirable" to come in February or March to vaccinating. Incidentally, Bühnert finds, be it a "sovereign and mature decision" of Scholz to leave the luminosity to Parliament. The fact that Scholz is personally for a vaccination obligation is boldier already lead enough to this question.

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