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World: Corona-Lockdown: Federal Court of Justice: Retailers can cut at Lockdown for rent

Can I request a rent reduction for bad housing insulation?

 Can I request a rent reduction for bad housing insulation? © Carbonero Stock / Getty Images Can I request a rent reduction for poor housing insulation? In the "Major Real Estate Rendez" (Capital / Radio Immo), Estelle Vernejoul, a lawyer in Paris within the Cabinet Lawatalaysis, makes the point between the bad insulation of a good and its rent. Every month, the "Great Real Estate Rendez" (Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions through its sequence "it concerns you".

The Federal Court of Justice took the question of whether business owners in the Corona-Lockdown had to pay further the full rent. The basis was an exemplary case from Saxony.

Während des Lockdowns waren wie hier in Oldenburg nur wenige Menschen sind in den Fußgängerzonen deutscher Innenstädte unterwegs. © DPA During Lockdown, like here in Oldenburg, only a few people are in the pedestrian zones of German inner cities.

tenants of commercial spaces can be entitled to adapt the rent as a result of the Corona Lockdown after a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice. However, all circumstances of the individual fail to be considered, the judges decided on Wednesday in Karlsruhe (Az. XII ZR 8/21).

, for example, counted the loss of sales for the concrete object, state assistance or insurance benefits. Both sides - tenants and landlords - are burdened by the state measures in the fight against the Corona Pandemic, no side is responsible for responsibility. Half / half-divisions of the rent are too flat.

Bundeswehr in the Pandemic: Corona Commander sees "big catching up"

 Bundeswehr in the Pandemic: Corona Commander sees For two years, soldiers help in health problems or test centers. Now the responsible general general deficiencies defects in crisis management - not only in the staff. © Christophe Gateau / DPA Of course help the Bundeswehr, says General General Martin Schelleis. But she had long since had restrictions in training and exercises.

In the concrete case, it was about a branch of textile discounter Kik in the Chemnitz area, which had to close from March 19 to April 19 2020 and for which the landlord wants the full rent of around 7850 euros.

The Higher Regional Court Dresden had decided that Kik has to pay only about half. The Federal Court of Justice raised this verdict, the court in Dresden must negotiate the matter again.

Kik is not alone. With the officially arranged closures in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, many shops were broken away from one day on the other revenue. Fixed costs such as the rent, however, continued to fell. Some landlords showed meetings, others did not.

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