World: Nationalist Wave After Sanctions against Mali

West African leaders to discuss Mali crisis in key summit

  West African leaders to discuss Mali crisis in key summit West African leaders will gather Sunday to discuss Mali's political crisis, with the military junta submitting a new timeframe for a transition back to civilian rule at the last minute after its first proposal was rejected. On Saturday, the junta submitted a new proposed timetable to the bloc's acting president, Malian state television reported -- without giving any details about its contents. - Potential sanctions -The 15-nation ECOWAS has led the push for Mali to uphold its commitment to stage elections early this year.

The sanctions against Bamako awaken the anti-French sentiment on social networks, while the international community supports the Cédao.

  Vague nationaliste après les sanctions contre le Mali © Provided by FranceInfo

Cut financial aids, frozen assets, closed boundaries ... The decision of the Community of West African States (Cédéao) to sanction the junta in power in Mali continues to arouse many reactions . Difficult to find on social networks a trace of support for the decision of Cédéao to sanction Malian power. Some judge this inhuman sanction: it will first touch the people with an increase in classical prices during any embargo.

#Cedeao and #Eemoa Mali Does Not Need Your Help. We Are Able to Stand for Ourselves, Make This Country Better Than Yesterday Which Means That WE NO Longer Want to Be Slave Or Mentality Colonized by Those That Are Not Even Better Than US. Insh'allah Mali Will Be Prosper Country

Russia and China block UN support for sanctions on Mali

  Russia and China block UN support for sanctions on Mali UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia and China blocked the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday from supporting new sanctions on Mali for its military leaders’ decision to delay next month’s elections until 2026, a blow to the restoration of democracy in the troubled West African nation. Kenya’s U.N. ambassador, Martin Kimani, said after closed-door discussions on the proposed French-drafted statement endorsing the sanctions imposed by the West African regional group ECOWAS he was “disappointed” that the council couldn’t agree on what he called a “relatively mild” press statement.

- Abu Doucara (@doucaraabou) January 11, 2022

(Translation: "Mali does not need your help to make this country better than yesterday, which means that we do not want to be slaves or be mentally colonized by people who are not better than us. If God wants, Mali will be a prosperous country. ")

Nationalist feeling is particularly exacerbated and obviously France is a Privileged target , accused of neocolonialism. "Mali wants to go out of the domination of France. He faces not only to her, but also to his agents," says a contributor. And the leader of the junta, the Colonel Assimi Goïta, is often considered a Savior.

Long live the Mali A. Going Keep Going We So Proud Of You - abasco (@ abasco15123467)

January 10, 2022 (Translation: "Goïta continues, we are so proud of you." )

Mali: a day of mobilization test against the sanctions of the cedao

 Mali: a day of mobilization test against the sanctions of the cedao © Reuters / Luc Gnago View of Bamako, the capital of Mali, August 9, 2018. (Image of illustration) Gel of assets within the BCEAO, border closures with Member States, suspension of transactions, Mali has therefore been heavily sanctioned Sunday by Cédéao and UEMOA. In cause: the will of the junta to stay in power for another four years. She who had begun in September 2020 to organize elections in February 2022. The Malian authorities denounced these sanctions.

The action of the military would be largely sustained, especially in Bamako, say some tweets. It is almost claimed by the people according to twittos. Thus, a Mohamed named asks the Leaders of the Cedao to question the fact that the Malian population is not in the street to protest against military power. "There are fundamental problems that the government could not solve. The people are tired."

A tweet presents the sanction as one of the tests of the Squid Game success series.

A string shot where the vanquished is precipitated in the void. France and the European Union are on one side while the other Cedao grows Mali in a vacuum.

International reactions

on the diplomatic reactions, France and the European Union without surprise, but also the United States, support the sanctions taken against Mali. "What happens to Mali is a real flight in front of the junta in power which, in defiance of his commitments, wishes to confiscate the power for years and deprives the Malian people of his democratic choices," said Jean-Yves the Drian, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country

 Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country © RFI / Kaourou Magassa demonstration in Bamako, Friday 14 January 2022. A monster crowd in the streets of Bamako and gatherings also in others Large cities of the country, this Friday, January 14, 2022 in Mali. The Malians responded massively to the call of the authorities of the transition which, in a statement read last Sunday on national television, launched a call for mobilization to say no to the sanctions of the CEDAO.

The Algerian neighbor encouraged Malian military to "a responsible and constructive attitude". Algerian President Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE "reasonable and justifiable a transition period of a firm term of twelve to sixteen months," said his services in a statement.

But a text of the UN Security Council supporting the sanctions of Cédéao, proposed by France, was blocked Tuesday, January 11 by Russia and China.

The support of Guinea vis-à-vis Bamako, which refuses to practice sanctions against Mali, is hardly surprising. Guinea is also directed by a military junta who overthrew President Alpha Conde on September 5th. In Conakry, as in Bamako, the soldiers promise to make power to civilians after a period of transition.

A nationalist wave that the military junta, which holds the controllers in Mali, intends to capitalize well. She called the population to demonstrate Friday, January 14 in Bamako against Cédéao.

"We do not make it that just the Russians": Lambrecht rejects deduction of the Bundeswehr from Mali from .
in the crisis state Mali acting Russian mercenaries of Wagner. The Federal Defense Minister sees this reason for a German retreat. © Photo: DPA / Bernd von Jutrczenka Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has rejected an Bundeswehr deduction from the West African crisis state of Mali because of the existing Russian mercenary company Wagner . "We will not soften, we do not make it the Russians," said the SPD politician of the "World on Sunday".

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