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World: North Stream 2, a highly strategic pipeline for the European Union

As the U.S. seeks to calm Russia tensions, Europe pushes to be included

  As the U.S. seeks to calm Russia tensions, Europe pushes to be included The U.S. and Russia are having key talks next week and the EU's top diplomat is disappointed that the bloc will not be around the table as well. A potential Russian invasion of Ukraine is a top concern for many leaders, given multiple reports of heightened military activity close to the border. In a bid to ease these tensions, top U.S. and Russian officials will be gathering in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday. This meeting will precede wider talks between Russia and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Wednesday.

The launch of the infrastructure that directly connect Germany to Russia divides the EU defense ministers. View on Euronews

  Nord Stream 2, un gazoduc hautement stratégique pour l'Union européenne © Fred Tanneau / AFP Gold Licensors

The North Stream 2 Pipeline feeds the discussions and divisions at the informal meeting of the Ministers of the European Union . The infrastructure must directly feed Germany in Russian gas.

for Berlin There is no question of linking the finalization of this industrial project to the

tensions between Moscow and Kiev . But this is not the opinion of the leader of the European diplomacy who looks more at the last line defended by the United States.

Democrats race to squash Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill

  Democrats race to squash Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill Senate Democrats are scrambling to try to squash legislation from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to slap sanctions on businesses linked to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will carry gas from Russia to Germany.State Department officials, at the invitation of Senate Democrats opposed to Cruz's bill, on Monday night briefed a group of Democrats, including senators viewed as swing votes on the GOP sanctions bills that will get a vote this week. To pass the bill through the Senate, Cruz will need to the support of at least 10 Democratic senators. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.

Agreement between Washington and Berlin on the North Stream 2 Pipeline "The operation of this infrastructure will also depend on the development of the situation in Ukraine and the attitude of Russia. We can not imagine on one side impose Sanctions and the other Open this pipeline ", explains Josep Borrell. In the eyes of the diplomat,

Nord Stream 2 is not considered a priority project because it does not contribute to EU energy autonomy.

According to the Spanish manager if the tensions fade with Russia, then the decision to open the gas pipeline will be in the hands of Germany and European regulators.

Discussions on

The attitude to follow with regard to Moscow continues because the 27 are divided. Some capitals wish to punish hard Moscow who amasses troops along the border with Ukraine. But other member countries want to maintain first and foremost dialogue.

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