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World: Bavaria's Sarr lies great chance: no Happy End for Senegal

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 suddenly asked replacementkeeper Sven Ulreich is standing in front of his Bundesliga comeback. Can the 33-year-old Bavaria's world-class keeper Manuel newly represented worthy? © Provided by Suddenly asked Now Sven Ulreich can finally prove to FC Bayern. Da Stürstorwart Manuel Neuer Due to Corona infection, fails and is still in home isolation until Sunday, the 33-year-old Ulreich is located on Friday night against Borussia Mönchengladbach between the posts.

The Senegal has missed in the top game of Group B to distance opponents Guinea. Sadio Mané and Co. had to go to their own nose.

Diesmal nicht der Held: Liverpools Sadio Mané. © AFP Via Getty Images This time not the hero: Liverpools Sadio Mané.

shared first place with Guinea

leisurely would have been a flattering description of how the Senegal found in his second group match. Mané and Co. began more than retardant, no danger beamed and faced an opponent, who sparked that much better.

Guinea - Around Manés Liverpool Colleague Keita and Leipzig's Moriba, who posted a first chance by free kick (9th) - was clearly superior in the first section. The nominal guests introduced carefree to the opposing third, but where they did not succeed. After a free-kick chance for the Senegal through Bavaria's Sarr (15th), they would have been able to strike in the counterattack, but Guilavogui gradually closed the picture book counterstake (31.).

Streich's anticipation of Bavaria and Bielefeld - despite three Corona failures

 Streich's anticipation of Bavaria and Bielefeld - despite three Corona failures , the SC Freiburg has caught it. Three non-named players fall out because of positive coronabeffen for the game against Bielefeld on Saturday. Nevertheless, Christian Streich is looking forward to the second half, the game Bayern against Gladbach and gives a small reference in terms of installation. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner sits on Friday evening in front of the TV: Christian Streich.

Two different halves

After the break, however, developed a completely different game. Suddenly, a significantly improved Senegal squeezed, which came too much good opportunities. Ex-Dortmund Diallo headed after a corner dangerous, Guineas Keeper Keita had to stretch and parried strong (56.), while his foregons hardly succeeded.

Probably even better opportunity had a little later Sarr, who was used by Mané and turned off a counterpart to the right in the penalty area - to put the ball in the long corner (67.).

Unlike in the first group game, where Mané was still moving the victory in the nighttime time, this time it remained at the 0: 0. The Senegal and Guinea therefore continues to conduct Group B together.

local elections in Senegal: first estimates and reactions pending the results .
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