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World: CEM Özdemir is trying to restart for more wildlife

Iowa Sues Sioux City for Cheating on Wastewater Reports, Fines Could Be in Millions

  Iowa Sues Sioux City for Cheating on Wastewater Reports, Fines Could Be in Millions The city's water treatment plant allegedly manipulated the results of wastewater tests to mislead state officials about the effectiveness of the plant. A typical day saw about 2.5 gallons of chlorine per hour put into the water, while on testing days that amount spiked as high as 120 gallons per hour, according to the Des Moines Register. The lawsuit alleges that during the period, the plant inadequately disinfected water that passed through the facility into the Missouri River, potentially endangering people and wildlife that came into contact with the water.

Bundesage Minister Cem Özdemir has called for more appreciation for food and wants to put an end to a permanent hard price war at the expense of the farmers.

Der Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft Cem Özdemir im Bundestag. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA of the Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture Cem Özdemir in the Bundestag.

«It's not alright and it is not always alternative even if the farmer and the farmer from the euro, which the customer spends in the shop for pork, just get 22 cents," said the green politician on Friday In the Bundestag. That's "just a mess" and must be changed. The opposition criticized the new department chief as "Announcement Minister". Farmers memorized rapid clarity about concrete projects of the traffic light coalition.

Porcupines in Maine Threatened By Newly-Emerging Virus First Seen in Canada

  Porcupines in Maine Threatened By Newly-Emerging Virus First Seen in Canada Three porcupines in the Bar Harbor area have already died from Skunk Adenovirus 1, or SkAdV-1, a virus that was first seen in Canada.Five porcupines in Bar Harbor had to be rushed to the Acadia Wildlife Center over the course of one week. All five were seen to have runny noses and seemed to have trouble breathing. Three of the porcupines died in short order, leaving scientists perplexed. When they investigated further, they saw that the virus that killed the animals in Maine had originally been found in several animals throughout Canada.

«A exploitative system»

Özdemir presented a small government statement in parliament as his cabinet colleagues this week too. It became clear that it should also be a far-reaching restart on the hot-competitive field of agriculture - especially after 16 years with ministers and ministers of the Union. He was not ready to continue "a utensilic system", which go at the expense of people, animals, environment and climate, the new party set. However,

Özdemir also realized that he wants to involve and support the farmers with a great conversion to gentle production. Immediately at the beginning of his speech, he also pointed to the hard work and the economic concerns of many companies that often harvested "infancy instead of recognition". "We have to progress. And it would be good if we just let the excitement economy behind us, "the minister warned all pages.

Survey: Majority calls by Agricultural Minister Özdemir Measures for more animal welfare

 Survey: Majority calls by Agricultural Minister Özdemir Measures for more animal welfare A great majority of citizens desires from the new Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Green) of a Greenpeace survey measures for more animal welfare. 88 percent of respondents spoke out for better attitude conditions with fewer animals in the stables, as Greenpeace announced on Thursday. © dpa Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture CEM Özdemir for a mandatory state label for all meat and dairy products in trade and gastronomy are therefore 78 percent of respondents.

A pet-holding identification should come

The projects of SPD, FDP and Greens are not undisputed. Özdemir got that in his first ministeries already to feel sharp reactions as he tackle the irritant topic at the turn of the year. It's about "that all high quality and affordable foods get," he emphasized again.

concretely, the new coalition wants to bring a binding animal detection label this year. The implementation could not be easy, two attempts failed. Most recently, Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) wanted to bring a voluntary animal welfare logo with criteria over the legal standard - and repeatedly explained, bindingly goes that only EU-wide. There is also its own meat labeling of the big supermarket chains. The logo with the inscription "Health" has four stages, but already start with the minimum standard.

Özdemir stressed: "Whoever uses animals also has the obligation to protect them in the best possible way." The farms should not be sitting alone at extra cost. "If the animal goes better, then the farmers have to feel in the wallet." For this purpose, to consider the entire chain of food production - and then "the asymmetries" at the expense of producers finally finish.

China is still the ultimate prize that Western banks can't resist

  China is still the ultimate prize that Western banks can't resist For many companies, doing business in China is getting trickier by the day. But Western banks and asset managers are more than willing to up their bets on the world's second biggest economy, convinced that the opportunities remain too good to pass up. © Giulia Marchi/Bloomberg/Getty Images Jamie Dimon, chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co., speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview on the sidelines of the JP Morgan Global China Summit in Beijing, China, on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

An animal welfare is in conversation

How exactly what this should look like and what is called for the prices in the supermarket remained open for the time being. However, Özdemir emphasized that luckily the bike had to be reinvented - and referred to "great ideas" of two commissions that still used the old government. In it, representatives of food industry and farmers, natural and consumer protectors, trade and science had reached an agricultural consensus. In conversation since then, among other things, an animal welfare charity, it would be conceivable, for example, 40 cents more per kilogram of meat.

The opposition referred to already rising prices and ensure that the spiral continues. How high should the price for a schnitzel or a currywurst be, Union Factionsvize Steffen Bilger (CDU) asked. The coalition ensure there for uncertainty.

of food trade warned of just looking at prices in the supermarket. Much of the milk and pork "Made in Germany" is exported or go to the gastronomy. Also, the farms lived. Farm President Joachim Rukied demanded fast concrete steps. In this electoral period, the course would be placed between exit and further development for many companies. The farmers are ready to carry the conversion of animal husbandry, but important is a practicable and reliable financing. The animal welfare organization four paws demanded high legal minimum standards that fulfilled basic needs of all animals.

Özdemir offered a political consensus in the Bundestag at all quarrels. The topics that have made the coalition, "you do not do with 51 percent against 49 percent».

Özdemir: Farmers need to have livelihoods .
Bundesage Minister Cem Özdemir (Green) underlined the social importance of agriculture in Germany. © Fabian Summer / DPA CEM Özdemir with activists of protest in Berlin. "I do not want to live in a country where peasants give up and then take over the lands afterwards of any anonymous investors," said Özdemir at a demonstration of the agricultural alliance "We are full!" in Berlin. "So the villages break, the country breaks." He emphasized the value of the court succession - "that the boys like

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