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World: Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Hungarian Viktor Orban Accused of supporting Serbian separatists

$795M Poured Into Western Balkans to Improve Rule of Law Has Little Impact Report Finds

  $795M Poured Into Western Balkans to Improve Rule of Law Has Little Impact Report Finds A European Union audit found that issues such as political corruption and interference were still prevalent even with millions of euros of support from the EU.The European Court of Auditors, the EU's financial management institution, published the 52-page report Monday. It said the EU funds from 2014 to 2020 had done little to improve issues in non-member nations Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro.

Le Premier ministre hongrois Viktor Orban soutiendrait les séparatistes serbes en Bosnie-Herzégovine. © AP - Laszlo Balogh The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban would support Serbian separatists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is the Sovereignist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the process of torpedoing European diplomacy in the Balkans? This is what European members denounce. They accuse Viktor Orbán support the Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who want to burst Bosnia. And they suspect Orbán to act with the assistance of the European Commissioner for Enlargement - a Hungarian diplomat.

of our correspondent in Budapest,

which would first concern European parliamentarians, it is the Viktor Orbán strategy. The Hungarian Prime Minister Milorad Dodik supports the leader of Republika Srpska, the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who wants his independence.

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not only Orbán spawn with this separatist, but he supports it financially. Budapest has just released 100 million euros for Republika Srpska.

Olivel Várhelyi implicated

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Next, which also concerns MEPs, c Is the attitude of the European Commissioner for Enlargement, Hungarian Olivé Várhelyi, who was appointed to this position by Viktor Orbán. A few days ago, members of the European Parliament arrested the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. They ask her to open an investigation into this last suspected of collusion with the Bosnian Serbs.

Katalin CSEH, Vice-Chairperson of the Liberals in the European Parliament, explains why MEPs request an investigation: "According to an internal document of the Commission, Commissioner Várhelyi would have agreed with Mr. Dodik on the project of the Republika Srpska to leave Bosnia. While the European Union does everything to maintain the unit of this country! If the authenticity of this document is confirmed, it means that Mr. Várhelyi helps destabilize the region: it is contrary to European policy.

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This document referred to by Hungarian MEPs, proposes neither more nor less change the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and explode the country for the benefit of Serbian nationalists.

Oliver Várhelyi did not respond directly, but the European Commission has made its defense. The Hungarian Commissioner has actually been informed of the Dodik's intentions to create a separate state. But, according to Brussels, that does not mean that the Commissioner approves these plans. He would have even expressed his opposition to this separatist project.

Viktor Orbán systematically follows Moscow

but what interest would be Viktor Orbán to sow Zizania in Bosnia and Herzegovina? If Viktor Orbán supports the Bosnian Serbs, it's because he aligns with Vladimir Putin, and systematically stones on the Moscow side. The Orbán government supported Russia's intervention in Kazkastan and did not say a word about the bloody repression of protesters!

This Budapest servility vis-à-vis Moscow is mocked by a Hungarian weekly who caricature Orbán waking poutine shoes. Shoes in tanks. The weekly notes that this rapprochement with Moscow does not really enjoy Hungary for now. Does he enjoy Viktor Orbán? This is another question.

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