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World: political negotiations in Iraq, the country under tension and pending a government

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Moqtada Sadr, lors d'une conférence de presse à Nayaf (sur), en Irak, le 18 novembre 2021. © Ali Najafi AFP Moqtada Sadr, at a press conference in Nayaf (on), Iraq, November 18, 2021.

Three months after the legislative elections, Iraqi deputies must now designate the President of the Republic, as well as the Prime Minister.

of our correspondent in Baghdad,

the political negotiations are underway in Iraq, while the great winner of the elections, Moqtada Sadr, would like to form a government government, a government that would only be directed by his party and his allies in Parliament . This situation would be unpublished because since the first elections in the country in 2005, the opposing political parties have always shared the ministerial positions, forming a government from a national consensus, where each political party would have its share of power.

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What Moqtada Sadr claim today would be a first, but the other parties do not agree with this request. In particular, parties close to Iran, who lost a lot of seats in Parliament this year, but allied with other political parties for, too, weigh on the Chamber of Deputies. Today, they claim 88 seats a total of 329, and claim to be the largest parliamentary block. An iron arm is currently underway between these two large Shiite houses, and for the time being, none seems ready to let go of the ballast.

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This iron arm could potentially destabilize the country. It must still be remembered that all these political parties are supported by armed groups in the country. Moqtada Sadr, just like Pro-Tehran parties have their own armed factions and can activate them at any time to defend their political interests. In recent weeks, on social networks, pro-Iran militias have already threatened with an armed response. There were also attacks not claimed against deputy offices in recent days in Grenada.

The Prime Minister still in office, has himself been the subject of an attempt to assassinate to the drone in early November. So the situation is very alarming. Although the country is still far from open conflict and that negotiations are still ongoing between the two camps, these parties must agree and find a political agreement, as has always been the case in the past, To prevent Iraq from going through a new crisis.

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