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World: DRC: Will Joseph Kabila be heard as a witness at the Chebeya trial?

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Joseph Kabila, alors président congolais, lors d'une conférence de presse, le 26 janvier 2018, à Kinshasa. © Reuters / Kenny Katombe Joseph Kabila, then Congolese President, at a press conference, on January 26, 2018, in Kinshasa.

sitting in the second degree in the context of the double assassination case in 2010 human rights defenders Floribert Chebeya and faithful Bazana, the High Military Court must decide on Wednesday 19 January, on the appearance or not of The former President of the Republic Joseph Kabila and other personalities cited by Police Paul Mwilambwe.

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since reopening in September 2021, this trial has experienced several twists. Suspended police officers who have participated in this double assassination and other witnesses have made various depositions by citing several names.

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is the case of the declarations made by Paul Mwilambwe , one of the police officers committed to the guard of John Numbi, the former inspector General of the Police, now considered by civil society and the families of the victims as a sponsor of this double assassination.

thus, the civil parties require the appearance and hearing of these personalities whose names come back regularly, namely the general auditor of the FARDC of the time, the bourgmestre of the municipality of Limete, in Kinshasa, the director of cabinet. From John Numbi, and former President Joseph Kabila Kabange .

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The lawyers also want these personalities to be confronted with Paul Mwilambwe before pleadings for, they say, the bursting of all the truth about what they consider a crime of state.

Regarding Joseph Kabila, the NGO voice of the voiceless hopes that the law on the status of the former President of the Republic will not be an obstacle to his hearing, on behalf, "she says, of the consolidation of the state of right.

Floribert Chebeya had been killed in police premises in Kinshasa. His faithful driver Bazana, who accompanied him, disappeared and his body has never been found. Justice concluded that he had also been murdered. A police colonel was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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