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World: Hamburg Towers against Ached Giessen Victory Several

Jatta Tested: HSV-Offensive Man Punctually Back

 Jatta Tested: HSV-Offensive Man Punctually Back The hopes of Hamburg's coach Tim Walter fulfilled: Bakery Jatta has returned to the training place after his corona forced break. © Imago Images / Claus Bergmann Tested and back in training: Hamburg's Offensive Man Bakery Jatta.

Four weeks after their 104: 82 home success, Hamburg Towers meet the JobStair's pouring 46ers in the basketball Bundesliga. The current seventh on Saturday (20.30 clock) is the favorite in the game in the table top last. The hosts have lost eight lots in series, but had almost two weeks to play free.

Spieler zweier Basketballmannschaften im Kampf um den Ball. © Adam Pretty / Getty Images Europe / Pool / DPA / Symbol Image Player of two basketball teams in the fight for the ball.

Towers Trainer Pedro Calles, whose team was active four times during this time including Europacup, wants to deal with the opponent. "We have a better chance when we look at us. Because we can not control the circumstances. " Among other things, the Spaniard is in front of the task of setting his team properly. On Tuesday, the Towers in the Europacup had clearly lost in the top team Partizan Belgrade, but had to exist 5,000 enthusiastic fans. In Gießen, however, a maximum of 170 spectators are admitted. "That's a big difference," Calles said.

Justus Hollatz referred to the first leg. "We made a good game over wide routes. But then the energy has been lost. » This should not happen again. For him, however, there could be a motivation boost from the grandstand: "My family comes out of pouring." Grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle have announced.

Italy still does not have a president after three voting towers .
Italy-President-President: Italy still does not have any president after three voting towers © Reuters / Remo Casilli Italy N 'Still has no president after three voting towers by Angelo Amante and Gavin Jones Rome (Reuters) - The great Italian voters have always reached a consensus on Wednesday after the third ballot to designate the successor to Sergio Mattarella as President of the Republic.

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