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World: Ryanair plane drooded to stop a journalist: Belarusian officials charged in New York

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 last November, Gilles Bouleau received Eric Zemmour for his first television interview as a presidential election candidate. Except that the issues do not have more political man who insulted the journalist off antenna. The TF1 JT presenter returns to this story in the 7-day TV columns on Monday, January 17th. Gilles called "Attorney Pugnace and bad faith" by Eric Zemmour. On November 30, the TF1 journalist interviewed the candidate for the presidential election during his JT.

A Ryanair plane from Greece to Lithuania was diverted to Belarus for several hours on Sunday, with activists saying it was done to arrest a dissident journalist on board. The ex-editor of the Nexta group, Roman Protasevich, was detained before the plane was allowed to resume its flight. Belarus media said a MiG-29 escorted the jet to Minsk because of a bomb scare but no explosives were found. The plane finally landed in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, its original destination, at 21:25 local time (18:25 GMT), more than seven hours after its scheduled arrival.

The U.S. Justice Department charged four Belarusian government officials with aircraft piracy, alleging they conspired to fabricate a bomb threat to divert a Ryanair passenger jet last year to arrest a dissident journalist . In an indictment filed Thursday in New York , the Belarusian officials were also accused of conspiring to cover up the fake bomb plot after the Boeing 737 made an emergency landing in May in Belarusian security services arrested journalist Raman Pratasevich after he disembarked the plane at the Minsk airport, the indictment says. Mr. Pratasevich had been living in exile in Lithuania.

Un avion de la compagnie aérienne Ryanair près de l'aéroport de Berlin, le 31 mai 2021. © AFP Archives. A plane from the Ryanair airline near Berlin Airport, May 31, 2021.

Four official Belarusian officials are accused by American justice for making a Ryanair aircraft that connected Athens to Vilnius, towards the Minsk Airport, May 23, 2021, in order to stop an opposition journalist who was on board.

American Justice announced Thursday, 20 January The indictment of Belarusian government officials accused of making a Ryanair aircraft confirmed to stop an opposition journalist who was on board.

According to a press release from the Federal Prosecutor of Manhattan, four official Belarusian officials are charged with a "plot to perpetuate an act of piracy to confuse the flight Ryanair 4978" of May 23, 2021, which connected Athens to Vilnius, To Minsk airport "In response to an alleged bomb alert aboard the plane" .

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U.S. prosecutors charged four Belarus officials with airline piracy over the diversion of a Ryanair flight last year that resulted in the arrest of a dissident. The flight, Ryanair 4978, was destined for Vilnius, Lithuania, on May 23 but was diverted to Minsk, the Belarusian capital, while in Belarus airspace. Belarusian authorities claimed the diversion was due to a bomb threat. In reality, they were seeking to detain an exiled dissident journalist the Belarusian government had accused of “fomenting ‘mass unrest,’” according to a copy of the indictment unsealed Thursday. Among the other passengers were

US prosecutors have charged four Belarusian government officials with aircraft piracy for diverting a Ryanair flight last year, allegedly claiming that there was a bomb threat in order to arrest an opposition journalist . The charges , announced by federal prosecutors in New York , recounted how a regularly-scheduled passenger plane traveling between Athens, Greece, and Vilnius, Lithuania, on 23 May was diverted to Minsk in Belarus by air traffic control authorities in Belarus . “Since the dawn of powered flight, countries around the world have cooperated to keep passenger airplanes safe.

Four Belarusian leaders accused of "conspiracy"

in detail, American justice accuses

"Belarusian government officials Leonid Mikalaevich Churo, Oleg Kazyuchits" , and two others, with incomplete or unknown identities "to have participated Central to conspiracy ».

The four men reside in Belarus and are considered

"on the run" by American justice.

There was on board Ryanair

"four American citizens and more than a hundred other passengers" , according to the press release of the Federal Prosecutor of Manhattan Damian Williams.

International indignation

on the side of the indulpted, mm. Churo and Kazyuchits are Director and Deputy Director of Belarusian Civil Aviation. The other two are officers of the state security services of Belarus.

On May 23, 2021, President Belarusse Alexander Loukachenko had aroused international indignation by sending a hunting plane to intercept the flight Ryanair FR4978 connecting Greece to Lithuania.

The plane had been forced to land at Minsk and the Belarusian authorities had arrested a dissenting journalist, Roman Protasevich, and his companion Sofia Sapega who were on board. Several countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union, had announced sanctions against Belarus.

Cyber ​​Attack in Belarus: "Hackers" launch a political ransick .
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