World: "We do not make it that just the Russians": Lambrecht rejects deduction of the Bundeswehr from Mali from

controversy: the referee of Tunisia - Mali whistles the end of the match at the 85ᵉ minute

 controversy: the referee of Tunisia - Mali whistles the end of the match at the 85ᵉ minute The referee of Tunisia - Mali made a big mistake during the first day of the CAN. © Provided by 90min The meeting Tunisia - Mali will be at the center of attention. | Issouf Sanogo / gettyimages The referee of the meeting Tunisia - Mali was at the center of all the attentions on Wednesday afternoon. Totally exceeded at the end of the game, he whistled the end of the match at the 85th minute of play.

in the crisis state Mali acting Russian mercenaries of Wagner. The Federal Defense Minister sees this reason for a German retreat.

Bundesverteidigungsministerin Christine Lambrecht (SPD) © Photo: DPA / Bernd von Jutrczenka Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD)

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has rejected an Bundeswehr deduction from the West African crisis state of Mali because of the existing Russian mercenary company Wagner . "We will not soften, we do not make it the Russians," said the SPD politician of the "World on Sunday".

"Moscow will not succeed over the posting of mercenaries to move the West almost everywhere to retreat, where Russia does not want to see us," said Lambrecht.

Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country

 Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country © RFI / Kaourou Magassa demonstration in Bamako, Friday 14 January 2022. A monster crowd in the streets of Bamako and gatherings also in others Large cities of the country, this Friday, January 14, 2022 in Mali. The Malians responded massively to the call of the authorities of the transition which, in a statement read last Sunday on national television, launched a call for mobilization to say no to the sanctions of the CEDAO.

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Mali's Military Interim Government had recently The presence of Russian trainers admitted in the country and emphasized to have them equipped with the same mandate as the EU training mission EUTM. In contrast, Germany, France, Great Britain and other countries had accused her to have brought mercenaries of the Russian company Wagner to the country, which has so far denied Mali's interim government. The European Union accuses Wagner to fuel violence and intimidate civilians, and has occupied the organization on 13 December 2021 with sanctions.

Lambrecht also set claims to the Malian Government in the "World on Sunday". "If you want the Bundeswehr in the country, then one must also ensure that the conditions are correct." The soldiers and soldiers would have to be able to move unhindered and best protected. This also belongs to the protection by drones. "I'll make it very clear against the Malische Government that it can not be that elections are suspended for five years or collaborates with mercenaries who have guilty of heavy human rights violations."

Mali: After the force demonstration, the junta activates on the diplomatic front

 Mali: After the force demonstration, the junta activates on the diplomatic front © AFP - Florent VERGNES Malians agitate the national flag during a massive manifestation in support of the junta in power and against the sanctions of The Cédao in Bamako, on January 14, 2022. Friday, the Malians answered massively to the appeal of the junta to demonstrate against the sanctions imposed on Mali by the Cédaea. The mobilization has been strong in Bamako and inside the country. Despite this demonstration of force, the dialogue is not broken.

Lambrecht had already said in mid-January in the Bundestag It requires a return to democracy from the military Junta in Mali. The West African country must start new elections quickly and not only in five years.

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Mali with its approximately 20 million inhabitants has experienced three military coups since 2012 and is considered politically extremely unstable. Since the last coup ever last May, the country is led by a military transitional government. The crisis state has been to create Islamist terrorist groups for years. The former colonial power of France is active in the region with thousands of military in the anti-terrorist fight. The Bundeswehr is in Mali with a good 1350 soldiers as part of the EUTM and the UN Peace Mission Minusma in use.

Denmark starts pulling troops out of Mali - foreign minister .
Denmark starts pulling troops out of Mali - foreign minister"We can see that the Malian transitional government, or the coup generals, last night sent out a public statement where they again reiterated that Denmark is not welcome in Mali, and we of course will not put up with that, so therefore we have decided to withdraw our soldiers home," Kofod told journalist at a press briefing in Copenhagen.

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