World: A French soldier was killed in Mali during an attack at the mortar

Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country

 Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country © RFI / Kaourou Magassa demonstration in Bamako, Friday 14 January 2022. A monster crowd in the streets of Bamako and gatherings also in others Large cities of the country, this Friday, January 14, 2022 in Mali. The Malians responded massively to the call of the authorities of the transition which, in a statement read last Sunday on national television, launched a call for mobilization to say no to the sanctions of the CEDAO.

  Un soldat français a été tué au Mali lors d’une attaque au mortier © Copyright 2021, Obs

a French soldier was killed Saturday in Mali in an attack at the mortar of the Operation Barkhane In Gao, announced the Elysee this Sunday, January 23rd.

a communiqué of the Presidency of the Republic brings together the "very strong emotion" of President Emmanuel Macron at the announcement of the death of Brigadier Alexandre Martin, of the 54th Artillery Regiment of Hyères, and "confirms the determination of the France to continue the fight against terrorism in the region, alongside its partners. "

nine wounded

nine other French soldiers were "slightly injured" in the attack but "their state inspires no concern," said the staff of the armies in a statement.

Mali: After the force demonstration, the junta activates on the diplomatic front

 Mali: After the force demonstration, the junta activates on the diplomatic front © AFP - Florent VERGNES Malians agitate the national flag during a massive manifestation in support of the junta in power and against the sanctions of The Cédao in Bamako, on January 14, 2022. Friday, the Malians answered massively to the appeal of the junta to demonstrate against the sanctions imposed on Mali by the Cédaea. The mobilization has been strong in Bamako and inside the country. Despite this demonstration of force, the dialogue is not broken.

The camp was the target shortly before 5:00 pm, Paris time, "several indirect shots" of mortar shells, from a position at a distance of "five to six kilometers to the northeast", Indicated the spokesperson for the staff, Colonel Pascal Ianni, AFP.

The Brigadier Martin, seriously injured, "was taken care of immediately by the surgical antenna on the spot but succumbed to his wounds," he added. The French army "immediately hired research and attack helicopters to intercept and neutralize the attackers," continued Colonel Ianni. They have been neutralized, he said, without further details.

In the immediate future, the attack could not be attributed. It occurred in an area frequented by the Jihadists of GSIM (or JNIM, Jihadist Nebula affiliated with al-Qaeda).

Mali: Former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta died

 Mali: Former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta died © AFP - Ludovic Marin Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Cimeira do G5 Sahel em Nouakchott, Na Mauritania. 30 from Junho from 2020. Ex-President Malien Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who led Mali between 2013 and 2020, died this Sunday, January 16 at his home in Bamako, according to his family. Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, elected President of Mali in September 2013, had been overthrown by soldiers in August 2020.

The Chief of Staff of the Armies, General Thierry Burkhard, greeted the brigadier's memory. "His thoughts accompany his family and brothers of arms, especially those injured during this operation, and all their relatives," he said. The soldier died Saturday afternoon is the 53rd French military killed in battle in the Sahel since 2013.

"Finding the way"

His death occurs while Tuesday, four French soldiers had been wounded in Burkina Faso during the explosion an improvised explosive gear (FDI) at the passage of their vehicle. There were three deaths in 2021 in combat and an accident death among the French soldiers deployed at the Sahel.

"The bad image of the French army in Sahel promotes the recruitment of jihadists"

The Antijahist Force Barkhane, presents since 2014 in Mali and whose mission is extended to the Sahel, is at the heart of major bilateral political issues, with backdrop The accusations of appeal by Mali to the services of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, as well as the reorganization of the French military presence in the country.

Faced with the open crisis with the Malian junta, France must "find the way" to pursue the objective of the antijahist fight in West Africa, said Thursday the French Minister of the Armies, Florence Parly.

Denmark starts pulling troops out of Mali - foreign minister .
Denmark starts pulling troops out of Mali - foreign minister"We can see that the Malian transitional government, or the coup generals, last night sent out a public statement where they again reiterated that Denmark is not welcome in Mali, and we of course will not put up with that, so therefore we have decided to withdraw our soldiers home," Kofod told journalist at a press briefing in Copenhagen.

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