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World: Ukraine: 8,500 American soldiers in alert status

U.S. Should Support Insurgency in Ukraine if Russia Invades: Mitt Romney

  U.S. Should Support Insurgency in Ukraine if Russia Invades: Mitt Romney Putin "has to understand that the consequences are going to be significant," the Republican senator said Sunday.Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked whether Romney, if Russia invades Ukraine, backed the idea "of us supporting an insurgency, basically what we did to the Soviets in Afghanistan?"

  Ukraine : 8 500 militaires américains en état d'alerte © Sakis Mitrolidis / AFP

D If we expect the worst? America is afraid of it. Washington has placed up to 8,500 soldiers in alert status. They could be deployed in NATO troops in case of invasion of the Ukraine by the Russia , announced, Monday, January 24, the spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby. "The number of troops that the Minister (Defense) placed high alert goes up to 8,500 men," he said, stressing that "no decision was made on a Deployment of forces outside the United States for the moment ".

The high alert level makes it possible to prepare the troops to be ready to leave in five days rather than ten, explained the spokeswoman. These troops intervene in support of the rapid reaction force of NATO, which has 40 000 military. This reaction force "has not been activated, it is NATO to do it," said John Kirby.

"We do not deploy them now," he repeated, "We do not say that diplomacy is dead," while the negotiations are continuing between Russia and the United States to defuse the crisis. But "it is very clear," he added, "that the Russians do not currently have the intention to start a de-escalation."

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Biden warns of rare personal sanctions on Putin .
By Jeff Mason, Humeyra Pamuk and Dmitry AntonovWASHINGTON/MOSCOW, Jan 25 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he would consider personal sanctions on President Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine, as Western leaders stepped up military preparations and made plans to shield Europe from a potential energy supply shock.Following multiple rounds of U.S.-Russia talks over Ukraine that failed to reach a breakthrough, Biden, who has long warned Moscow of economic consequences, upped the ante on Tuesday by saying Putin could personally face sanctions. Direct U.S.

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