World: Hungary: After a speech by Orban deemed racist, one of his closest counsels resigns

Putin Ally Viktor Orbán, Praised by Tucker Carlson, Bashes Mixing of Races

  Putin Ally Viktor Orbán, Praised by Tucker Carlson, Bashes Mixing of Races The Hungarian prime minister, who said Saturday that the "West is split in two" on diversifying communities, is set to attend CPAC in August in Dallas."We move, we work elsewhere, we mix within Europe, but we don't want to be a mixed race," he said during a speech at the Baile Tusnad Summer University in Romania, Radio Free Europe reported, adding that he is against the idea of a "multiethnic" group mixing with "non-Europeans.

Le Premier ministre hongrois Viktor Orban, le 30 juin 2022. © AP - Bertrand Guay Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, June 30, 2022.

The declarations deemed racist of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban definitely do not pass. After his speech on Saturday July 23 against "the racial mixture", the indignant reactions multiplied in Europe as within the national political class. One of the Prime Minister's oldest councilors even announced his resignation.

It's been twenty years since Zsuzsa Hegedüs worked alongside Viktor Orban . She even describes their relationship as a friendly. But in her letter of resignation disseminated by the Hungarian media, she describes a discomfort that is less and less bearable in recent years before the "illiberal turn" operated by Viktor Orban.

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This Saturday, July 23, the man at the head of Hungary for twelve years has exceeded the limits of what Zsuzsa Hegedüs could bear without giving up his values, she said.

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on the move in Romanian Transylvania, Viktor Orban has embarked on a new incendiary tirade against multi-ethnic societies . He claimed to refuse a "mixed race which would mix with non-European and hammered that the countries of cohabitation between Europeans and non-European" were no longer nations ".

In addition to the indignation internationally, in Hungary, the opposition and the Jewish community denounce a speech to racist hints

for its part, Zsuzsa Hegedüs recalls that it has long defended the Prime Minister against accusations of anti -Semitism, But that this speech which she judges as "purely Nazi" is this time simply "indefensible".

Austrian, Hungarian leaders discuss migration, Ukraine war .
VIENNA (AP) — Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Vienna on Thursday for bilateral talks that focused on migration as well as on the war in Ukraine and its consequences. The meeting of the two central European leaders came only days after one of Orban’s closest associates resigned in protest over what she called a “pure Nazi” speech given by the Hungarian prime minister in which he railed against Europe becoming a “mixed race” society.

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