World: On the eve of a third heat wave, Météo-France warns of a "very high danger of fires"

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Alors que les températures devraient atteindre 37 degrés dans le Sud-Est, et 34 à 35 degrés en Occitanie, Météo-France avertit sur le risque d’un « très fort danger d’incendies » en zone méditerranéenne dimanche, à cause des vents et de températures élevées. © Jeff Pacoud / AFP

while temperatures should reach 37 degrees in the Southeast, and 34 to 35 degrees in Occitania, Météo-France warns of the risk of a "very high danger of fire" in the Mediterranean zone on Sunday, because of the winds and high temperatures.

In its bulletin, Météo-France alerts a risk of "very high danger of fires in the Mediterranean zone", linked to the wind regime (Mistral and Tramontane) "quite strong" and to the "conditions remaining very hot and dry on increasingly sensitive vegetation ”. Mercury will reach this Sunday 30 to 37 degrees in the South East and up to 34 to 35 degrees in Occitanie, according to Météo-France. The meteorology service also indicates that temperatures should continue to rise Monday in the Southeast, up to 39 ° C.

Urban heat islands are why it can feel 20 degrees hotter in different parts of the same city

  Urban heat islands are why it can feel 20 degrees hotter in different parts of the same city Neighborhoods in highly developed cities can become 15 to 20 degrees hotter by midday than surrounding regions with fewer buildings and more trees.The effect happens when neighborhoods in highly developed cities like New York and New Orleans become 15 to 20 degrees hotter by mid-afternoon than surrounding areas with fewer buildings and more vegetation, according to the National Integrated Heat Health Information System.

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interviewed by AFP, Météo -France stresses that "a new heat wave takes place on France with temperatures that can exceed 35 ° C in a generalized way on Monday south of a Bordeaux-Lyon line ”. And adds: "It can settle for several days on the south-eastern quarter of the country", even if there is "uncertainty" after Wednesday.

Up to 39 degrees Wednesday

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A Météo-France card showing the trend of maximum temperatures, between Monday And Wednesday, indicates that the thermometer could climb up to 36 and 39 degrees in the south-east until towards the Rhône valley, between 36 and 39 degrees Tuesday in the southwest, then between 36 and 38 degrees on Wednesday, in the Is, in an area from Alsace to the Lyon region.

heat wave: 13 South-East departments placed on orange alert

 heat wave: 13 South-East departments placed on orange alert © Philippe Huguen / AFP Météo France announced a scorching episode this Sunday. In all, 13 departments are placed in orange "heat wave" alert, including the Alpes-Maritimes, Drôme and Bouches-du-Rhône. Maximum temperatures will reach between 32 and 37 degrees in the Mediterranean regions. On the side of the Grand Est, scattered showers are expected.

in Paris, temperatures will reach 30 to 34 degrees. They will remain less than 30 ° C to Brittany and the English Channel.

A third heat wave

France has already experienced an early heat wave in June and comes out of a second which lasted from July 12 to 25, with several fires, notably in Gironde , where nearly 21 000 hectares of forest have been destroyed. The latter "now constitutes the 45th heat wave identified since 1947", "the most intense third, with a peak of the national thermal indicator at 28.0 ° C on July 18" and "the longest fifth", According to the Météo-France website.

Temperatures go up this WE, and strong

#Chaleurs win the Southeast sustainably at the start of next week. Elsewhere, tips expected Tuesday in the South West on Wednesday in the East. Still a lot of uncertainty for the future. #vaguedechaleur - vigimetéofrance (@vigimeteofrance)

July 29, 2022 These high temperatures are doubled with historical drought in July.

A new increase in temperatures scheduled for Sunday, a drought that will worsen .
© Copyright 2022, L'Obs soon a fourth heat wave or simple respite at the heart of the third summer heat wave? After a refreshment in certain regions, Météo-France provides for new temperature increases on Sunday and an aggravation of drought in the soil despite thunderstorms.

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