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A richer, stronger China warns Pelosi not to visit Taiwan

  A richer, stronger China warns Pelosi not to visit Taiwan BEIJING (AP) — Beijing grumbled but swallowed its irritation in 1997 when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich of the U.S. House of Representatives visited Taiwan, the island democracy claimed by the mainland’s ruling Communist Party as its own territory. China had other priorities. President Jiang Zemin’s government was preparing to celebrate Hong Kong’s return and wanted to lock in Beijing’s emergence from diplomatic isolation after its 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. Gingrich, a booster of closer U.S.-Chinese ties, had just helped that campaign by meeting Jiang in Beijing. China avoided a disruptive clash with Washington.

when visiting the island republic, the US democrat reaffirms the solidarity of Washington in power struggle with China. Taiwan's president thanks demonstrative determination towards Beijing.

Taiwans Präsidentin Tsai Ing-wen (r.) begrüßt die US-Demokratin Nancy Pelosi © Taiwan Presidential Office/Reuters Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-Wen (right) welcomes the US Democrat Nancy Pelosi

to US top politician Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan assured the support of the USA. She and her delegation traveled to Taiwan "to make it unequivocally clear that we will not give up our obligation to Taiwan," said the chairwoman of the US representative house at a meeting with President Tsai Ing-Wen in the capital Taipei. The visit is also a sign "that we are proud of our constant friendship".

Is Pelosi's visit to Taiwan a risk? Yes, but she can deliver strong messages to China.

  Is Pelosi's visit to Taiwan a risk? Yes, but she can deliver strong messages to China. Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan may raise tensions with China. But it also could be an opportunity for her to deliver clear messages about U.S. policy.With all the buzz over Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, however, we are failing to focus on an equally important issue: What she could usefully say and do while there to bolster U.S. interests and set the tone for greater stability in the region.

with an indirect reference to the threats of communist leadership in Beijing against Taiwan said Pelosi: "More than ever before, American solidarity is crucial." That is the message of the visit of her congress delegation. The support in the United States for Taiwan is cross -party. "Today the world is facing the election between democracy and autocracy," said Pelosi, praising the island republic as "one of the freestest societies in the world".

Tsai: Taiwan holds the "Line of Defense of Democracy"

Tsai that Taiwan was not rejected in the face of Chinese threatening gestures. The situation in Taiwanstrasse has an impact on security in the Asia-Pacific region. In the middle of "increased military threats, Taiwan will not give in small," said the president. Taiwan will hold "the line of defense of democracy". Your country is a reliable partner of the United States and will continue to promote cooperation in the areas of security, economic development and supply chains.

Pelosi to Taiwan would be career capstone, despite warnings

  Pelosi to Taiwan would be career capstone, despite warnings WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched her political career being tough on China -- a new congresswoman who dared to unfurl a pro-democracy banner in Beijing's Tiananmen Square during a 1991 visit with other U.S. lawmakers shortly after the student massacre. More than 30 years later, her interest in traveling to Taiwan presents a powerful diplomatic capstone. It has also contributed to tensions at the highest levels in Washington and Beijing among officials who worry a trip could prove provocative. As the U.S. balances its high-stakes relations with China, whether Pelosi will lead a delegation trip to Taiwan remains unknown.

Pelosi had traveled to Taiwan for a controversial visit on Tuesday. The politician of the Democratic Party of President Joe Biden has been the highest US representative for 25 years,

The Taiwan will visit a visit . Before his parliament, Pelosi also emphasized that the new US legislation to strengthen its own chip industry is also offering "a greater opportunity for economic cooperation between the USA and Taiwan".

Die Vorsitzende des US-Repräsentantenhauses, Nancy Pelosi, im taiwanischen Parlament in der Hauptstadt Taipeh © Ann Wang/Reuters The chairwoman of the US representative house, Nancy Pelosi, in the Taiwanian parliament in the capital Taipei annoyance and concern for China's maneuvers

in response to the Pelosi visit, China's military maneuver started with shooting exercises in six sea areas that Surround Taiwan. Among other things, sharp ammunition is to be fired by a large reach. The exercises are considered the greatest military muscle play since the rocket crisis in 1995 when China had shot rockets over Taiwan to intimidate and the United States dispatched two aircraft carriers.

The sea areas for the exercises go far beyond the restricted zones at that time. Experts also expect shipping routes to be affected. The government in Beijing sees Taiwan as a renegade province.

Taipei already accused China of wanting to penetrate some of the exercises into Taiwanese territorial waters. "Some of the areas of China's exercises penetrate (Taiwan's) territorial waters," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. "This is an irrational step to challenge international order."

The Japanese government said "worried" about the planned maneuvers. These concerns were sent to the Chinese side, said a spokesman. The area near Taiwan, in which China Manöver is planning, overlap with Japan's exclusive economic zone.

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Analysis-China's sharper focus on military option for Taiwan raises risks with U.S .
Analysis-China's sharper focus on military option for Taiwan raises risks with U.SBEIJING (Reuters) - As the dust settles from China's military exercises around Taiwan, the message is clear: the military will uphold China's claim on the island in a challenge to the United States that will keep tension high and ramp up the risk of confrontation.

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