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Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan: a "provocation" for Jean-Luc Mélenchon

 Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan: a The Chinese Embassy in France thanked him on Thursday evening "for his constant support for the policy of a single China". He was criticized within the Nuts and on the right. © supplied by Franceinfo The visit of the US elected representative Nancy Pelosi also turned upwards in France. Jean-Luc Mélenchon described this trip as "provocation", on his blog , Wednesday August 3. There is "only one China," he wrote.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon contesté : “le bruit et la fureur” de LFI inquiète au PS… © Michael Baucher / Panoramic / Bestimage Jean-Luc Mélenchon Contested: “The noise and the fury” of LFI worries at the PS… As the point revealed on Wednesday, August 3, many members of the Socialist Party somewhat regret the alliance of the Nuts, because of the way LFI deputies express their ideas, which they do not always share, in the National Assembly.

With The Alliance of Nuts (new Ecological and Social People's Popular Union), environmentalists, socialists and communists have reached shadowing the presidential majority during the legislative elections of last June. As a reminder, the coalition gathered 31.60 % of the vote, against 38.57 % for together! But within the National Assembly, The deputies of the Nuts do not seem to be made only friends. Indeed, as reported on Point , Wednesday, August 3, many socialists turned their backs to rebellious France somewhat.

Why George Clooney Turned Down Nick Fury Before the MCU

  Why George Clooney Turned Down Nick Fury Before the MCU Years before Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury became a fixture of the MCU, George Clooney almost took the part before a comic frightened him away.Instead of being a major fixture of the universe, directing Earth's Mightiest Heroes both directly and later from the shadows, Nick Fury might have gotten his own film. The actor tapped to play Director Fury was Hollywood heavyweight, George Clooney. But after doing some comic book research, Clooney was too horrified to accept the role.

It must be said that the latter "reign supreme over the opposition", as our colleagues explain, recalling that the political strategy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of "all conflict" does not please everything Le Monde, nor to all members of the left . And the agitation that reigns within the hemicycle, because of LFI deputies, does not really seem to put everyone in agreement. Proof of this is with the declaration of an elected representative, from the Socialist Party: "We clearly measure the risk of being splashed by the non-supportability of some." For him, the rebellious "noise and fury" and lead to a political dead end.

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The New Hollywood movement is considered by many to be the last golden age of film. Here's how it rose in the late '60s and rocked Tinseltown for a decade.Suddenly, things started changing by the late 1960s — 1967, to be exact. A new crop of American directors, who were influenced by various cinematic movements abroad, grew tired of the formulaic, conservative filmmaking they had seen for decades — not to mention they were part of a new generation that was unwilling to conform, cynical to what was going on in the world, such as the Vietnam War (via NewWaveFilm).

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