World: Ukraine: What is the situation of refugees who arrived in France?

Two of Putin's top Russian pilots were killed by US-supplied HIMARS, report says

  Two of Putin's top Russian pilots were killed by US-supplied HIMARS, report says One of the Russian pilots' fathers revealed that he believed his son's death was caused by HIMARS, a long-range weapons system from the US.Throughout the buildup to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, NATO countries, including the US, insisted they would not send troops to the region amid concern that the presence of their personnel on the ground would lead to a dangerous escalation of the conflict.

Près de cinq mois après le début de la guerre en Ukraine, 100.000 Ukrainiens sont venus se réfugier en France, à l'image d'Anna, professeure de français rencontrée par Europe 1. Selon l'Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration, 10.000 d'entre eux auraient trouvé une situation d'emploi. © Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP almost five months after the start of the war in Ukraine, 100,000 Ukrainians came to take refuge in France, like Anna, French professor met by Europe 1. According to the French Immigration and Integration Office, 10,000 of them have found a job situation.

They are now 100,000 Ukrainians to have taken refuge in France , almost six months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. While most men stayed to fight, eight out of ten refugees are women and children. Europe 1 met Anna, 24, who is a French teacher. She took refuge in Paris from the start of the conflict. She continues to give lessons to Ukrainian children at a distance, and works in particular as a translator in France.

Ukraine Situation Report: Slovakia Ready To Make A Deal For Its MiG-29s

  Ukraine Situation Report: Slovakia Ready To Make A Deal For Its MiG-29s As new weapon systems continue to arrive in Ukraine, it is still in need of additional fighters and Slovakia says it is ready to make a deal.Jaroslav Nad, Slovakia’s defense minister said on July 25 the small former Soviet Republic is primed to discuss transferring its 11 MiG-29s to Ukraine. The jets are set to be grounded by the end of August, after which Slovakia’s skies will be patrolled by neighboring Czech and Polish jets.

"I am happy and unhappy at the same time"

"I feel safe and I can enjoy from time to time," explains Anna at the microphone of Europe 1. "I can say that I am happy and unhappy at the same time . Sometimes I wonder how I can take a small cup of coffee in the morning, "admits the French teacher, who keeps a very attentive eye for what is happening in her country.

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Anna tells of 420 euros thanks to ADA, the allocation of asylum seekers, and it benefits From the temporary protection system like all 100,000 refugees distributed throughout France.

More refugees in the Île-de-France regions and PACA

is in the Île-de-France region where there are the largest number of Ukrainians who fled the fighting, notes Didier Leschi, the Director General of the OFII, the French Office of Immigration and Integration. "Then, it is in PACA, then we have a distribution roughly in all regions of France. We have about 10,000 which, it seems, are in employment in part in part ", he specifies to Europe 1.

Didier Leschi adds that between 200 and 250 new temporary protection deliveries have been granted every day for several weeks, but that around 5,000 refugees have already, already, Leaving France to return to Ukraine.

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