World: Tens of thousands of SADR supporters flock to Friday prayer in Baghdad Green Zone

Iraq: demonstrators enter the Parliament

 Iraq: demonstrators enter the Parliament © AMMAR Karim / AFP Iraq, Manfectation, Parliament L has a political crisis in Iraq goes up a notch. Supporters of the influential Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr invested the Parliament on Wednesday by entering the ultra-secure green zone housing at Baghdad government and embassies, to denounce the candidacy for the post of Prime Minister presented by the opposing political camp.

Tens of thousands of supporters of the influential Iraqi Shiite leader Moktada Sadr are poured into the so-called green zone in Baghdad to hold the Friday prayer there. Sadr had called for prayer this Friday in a large place on the zone - which is to be understood as a demonstration of power. There are messages and state institutions in the green zone, including the parliament building, which Sadr fans had stormed on Saturday. Since then, demonstrators have been camping on the parliamentary site.

Zehntausende Anhänger des irakischen Schiiten-Anführers Moktada Sadr sind in die sogenannte Grüne Zone in Bagdad geströmt, um dort das Freitagsgebet abzuhalten. Die Versammlung ist als Machtdemonstration zu verstehen. Sadr fordert Neuwahlen. © Ahmad Al-Rubaye Tens of thousands of supporters of the Iraqi Schiiten leader Moktada Sadr are poured into the so-called green zone in Baghdad to keep the Friday prayer. The assembly is to be understood as demonstration of power. SADR demands new elections.

With the occupation of the parliament, the Sadr supporters demonstrated against the nomination of a representative of a rival-like group for the office of prime minister. The candidate had been nominated by the so-called coordination framework, an alliance of pro-Iranian Shiites.

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On Wednesday, Sadr then called for the dissolution of the parliament and new elections. The coordination framework was open to the proposal under conditions. Among other things, the pro -Iranian alliance demanded that the "constitutional institutions" should not be affected in their work - a demand that obviously referred to the occupation of the parliament.

With the large meeting for Friday prayer, Sadr apparently wanted to emphasize his demand for new elections. Some of the believers flowing into the green zone waved the Iraqi flag and held up Sadr portraits. Kassem Abu Mustafa, one of the participants, said: "Whatever Sader thinks we are with him."

a similar prayer call by the mighty Schiiten leader followed hundreds of thousands of believers in mid-July. At that time, they gathered in Sadr City, a Baghdad district, who was named after Sadr's father killed in an attack.

Government formation in Iraq has been in a dead end for months as well as the election of a new president. The SADR movement had become the strongest force in the parliamentary elections in October, but was not able to bring a majority together for the appointment of a president. As long as there is no new president, no new government can be formed.


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