World: Taiwan: 49 Chinese planes enter the air defense zone

A richer, stronger China warns Pelosi not to visit Taiwan

  A richer, stronger China warns Pelosi not to visit Taiwan BEIJING (AP) — Beijing grumbled but swallowed its irritation in 1997 when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich of the U.S. House of Representatives visited Taiwan, the island democracy claimed by the mainland’s ruling Communist Party as its own territory. China had other priorities. President Jiang Zemin’s government was preparing to celebrate Hong Kong’s return and wanted to lock in Beijing’s emergence from diplomatic isolation after its 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. Gingrich, a booster of closer U.S.-Chinese ties, had just helped that campaign by meeting Jiang in Beijing. China avoided a disruptive clash with Washington.

Ta-Wan-Chine-d-Fense: Taiwan: 49 Chinese planes enter the air defense zone

TAÏWAN: 49 AVIONS CHINOIS PÉNÈTRENT DANS LA ZONE DE DÉFENSE AÉRIENNE © Reuters/Aly Sony Song Taiwan: 49 Chinese planes enter In the air defense zone

Taipei (Reuters) - Taiwan again took off fighter planes after 49 Chinese aircraft entered its air defense zone, said the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

These 49 Chinese planes all crossed the midline separating the Taiwan strait, added the ministry.

Video: Chinese military helicopters fly near the Strait of Taiwan (AFP)

China launched large military maneuvers around Taiwan to mark his dissatisfaction after the visit this week on the island From the president of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

(Report writing of Taipei, French version Matthew Protard)

Chinese warplanes hover on border of Taiwan Strait ahead of Pelosi visit .
China sent warplanes to the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday, delivering a powerful warning ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island Tuesday afternoon. The Chinese, who warned Pelosi not to visit the small island, sent the military planes to the Taiwan Strait, which marks the dividing line between China and Taiwan. Despite China's warning, the United States said it would not be intimidated by the country's "saber-rattling." PELOSI'S TAIWAN TRIP EXACERBATES BIDEN'S CHINA HEADACHES AND LEADERSHIP QUESTIONS "Faced with reckless U.S.

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