World: Chinese message throws Baerbock "Substitutions" in front of

China vows 'consequences' if Pelosi visits Taiwan

  China vows 'consequences' if Pelosi visits Taiwan The Chinese military says it will not sit idly by if the US Speaker visits the self-governing island democracy.On Monday, China warned of "serious consequences" if Nancy Pelosi were to proceed with a visit to Taiwan in the coming weeks.

China, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock once again sharply criticized the Taiwan conflict for her statements. The Chinese embassy in Berlin accused her on Friday in a explanation of "insinuations", "deliberate distortion of facts" and an interference in internal affairs. The message referred to a statement by the Greens politician in New York on Monday.

Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock in New York. © Britta Pedersen/dpa Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in New York.

there had said Baerbock: "We do not accept if international law is broken and a larger neighbor violated its smaller neighbors - and of course that also applies to China, especially these days.» With a view to the “Brutal Russian War of Agency” against Ukraine, it is important to make it important that the global community does not accept if a larger neighbor overfalls a weaker neighbor.

Baerbock demands consistent clarification of new allegations against EU border protection agency

 Baerbock demands consistent clarification of new allegations against EU border protection agency for new allegations against the EU Border Protection Agency Frontex has requested a consistent clarification. The EU must "be able to ensure that human rights will of course also be met around the clock at the European external border," said Baerbock on Thursday after a visit to the Frontex connection office in the Greek capital Athens.

The Chinese embassy explained that these statements lacked "any historical knowledge" and did not correspond to the facts. Taiwan is not a smaller neighbor of China, but a Chinese province. The Taiwan question is an inner matter in China. "The Ukraine question of equating the Taiwan question is a deliberate distortion of facts and interference in the internal affairs of China."

continues in the explanation: «It is hoped that Germany, in particular the new generation of politicians, is correct and accurately understanding the historical origins of the Taiwan question correctly and precisely, refrains from the actions of the US Policy underpins through concrete actions and carefully weighs their words and deeds with regard to the Taiwan question. »

Biden-Xi make plans to meet in person, U.S. official says — and China's leader has strong words on Taiwan

  Biden-Xi make plans to meet in person, U.S. official says — and China's leader has strong words on Taiwan U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping ended a call Thursday with plans to arrange an in-person meeting, a senior U.S. official said.However, Xi stuck to strong words on the Taiwan issue, while Biden said the U.S. position has not changed, according to official readouts from the U.S. and Chinese governments.

In the declaration, the visit of the US top parliamentarian Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan and explanations of the EU and the G7 are criticized. The European countries should weigh whether they continue to support “the dangerous and provocative promotions of the USA” and “wanted to move the world into a swamp of the confrontations”, the message writes.

The Democratic Island sees the communist leadership of China in Beijing as part of the People's Republic and threatens to conquer military conquests. Taiwan, on the other hand, sees itself as independent. The conflict goes back to the civil war in China: after the defeat against the communists, the National Chinese government fled to Taiwan with its troops. The island has been ruled independently since then, while the Communist People's Republic was proclaimed in Beijing in 1949. With reference to the “one-China doctrine”, Beijing strictly rejects official contacts from other countries. Because of the pressure from Beijing, only a few, mostly smaller states, recognize the island republic diplomatically.

Bieber's strong outing leads Guardians past Tigers, 5-2 .
DETROIT (AP) — Shane Bieber pitched seven dominant innings, Oscar Gonzalez drove in two runs and the Cleveland Guardians beat the Detroit Tigers 5-2 Tuesday night for their third straight win. Bieber (7-6) allowed just four singles and a walk while striking out eight. Amed Rosario had three hits, including two doubles, while scoring a run and driving in another. Bieber has won his last three starts, giving up just three earned runs in 20 innings during that stretch.“Even tonight, he kind of mentioned to (pitching coach Carl Willis) that he was frustrated trying to find his release point,” manager Terry Francona said.

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