World: "Everyone knows that Russia is responsible": Ukrainian Amnesty Office criticizes report by the umbrella organization

Zelenskyy observes ships loaded with Ukrainian grain exports

  Zelenskyy observes ships loaded with Ukrainian grain exports ODESA, Ukraine (AP) — President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited one of Ukraine’s main Black Sea ports Friday, a week after a deal was struck with Russia, Turkey and the United Nations to create safe corridors for ships to export grains that have been trapped in the country since the war began five months ago. His visit to a port in the Odesa region comes as workers were seen preparing terminals for grain exports, which are relied on by millions of impoverished people worldwide facing hunger.“The first vessel, the first ship is being loaded since the beginning of the war,” Zelenskyy said.

A report by Amnesty International on the Russian attack war is discussed. The Ukrainian office of the NGO also distances itself.

In der Region um Butscha zeigt sich die Verwüstung durch den Krieg in der Ukraine (Symbolbild). © Photo: Imago/Nurphoto in the region around Butscha shows the devastation through the war in Ukraine (symbol image).

Amnesty International accuses the Ukrainian army of violations of international law in the fight against Russia. The soldiers "operated repeatedly out of residential areas," says a report published on Friday.

The Ukrainian violations "in no way justify the many indiscriminately blows of the Russian military with civilian victims", which Amnesty has documented in the past few months.

Florida political group defends its ties with Russia after FBI alleges they teamed up with Kremlin agents in a 'brazen' attempt to interfere with US elections

  Florida political group defends its ties with Russia after FBI alleges they teamed up with Kremlin agents in a 'brazen' attempt to interfere with US elections Prosecutors allege Russian national Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov infiltrated US political groups and tried to sow discord in the US electoral process.Biden's son was also a major topic amid chaotic discourse during the first Trump-Biden debate, Trump mentioned his business dealings, including his connections with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings and profiting in China while his father was vice president. Hunter was previously at the center of Trump's Ukraine scandal that launched an impeachment inquiry.

Despite this restriction, there is massive criticism of the report. And that comes not only from the government in Kyiv, but also from the Ukrainian office of the human rights organization.

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"The Ukrainian office was not involved in the preparation or writing of the text of the publication," writes Oksana Pokalchuk, director of the Ukrainian Amnesty office. Representatives of her office would have done everything to prevent the publication.

"Everyone from Amnesty's Ukrainian office knows that Russia is responsible for the crimes of aggression against Ukraine", the statement continues. A "important part" of the Ukrainian Amnesty team was "personally forced to save themselves and their relatives with Russia before the war and to leave everything back". Some even for the second time, writes Cupalchuk.

Two of Putin's top Russian pilots were killed by US-supplied HIMARS, report says

  Two of Putin's top Russian pilots were killed by US-supplied HIMARS, report says One of the Russian pilots' fathers revealed that he believed his son's death was caused by HIMARS, a long-range weapons system from the US.Throughout the buildup to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, NATO countries, including the US, insisted they would not send troops to the region amid concern that the presence of their personnel on the ground would lead to a dangerous escalation of the conflict.

Video: Criticism of Ukraine War: Russian Putin opponent Ilja Jaschin accused (cameraone)

Selenskyj, Amnesty throws perpetrator-sacrifice in front of according to her opinion-and that of her team-the report of Amnesty is internationally "one-sided". Therefore, a publication and translation into the Ukrainian was also dispensed with. "I and the team of the Ukrainian office believe in human rights, we believe in the victory of Ukraine, we believe that all war criminals should be brought to trial."

The Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Selenskyj accused the non -governmental organization to take responsibility for alleged violations of international law to shift the victim from the aggressor to the victim in the

Russian attack war . In a video address on Thursday evening, he said who made such a connection, "must admit that he helps terrorists". Read on Tagesspiegel Plus:

Amnesty apologizes after its report on the Ukrainian army

 Amnesty apologizes after its report on the Ukrainian army Ukraine-crise-amnesty: Amnesty apologizes after its report on the Ukrainian army © Reuters/Carlos Jasso Amnesty apologizes after its report on the Ukrainian army Kyiv (Reuters) - Amnesty International apologized on Sunday for "distress and anger" caused by its report accusing the Ukrainian authorities of endangering the civilian population, which provoked the anger of the Ukrainian president and trained Resignation of the NGO branch director in Kyiv.

Four vaccinations, an opinion : So Lauterbach wants to improve communication with the STIKO (T+) The biographer of the Russian President : "Putin is not sick, he is evil" ( T+) dispute over sanctions in the citizens' allowance : below is a hard floor and no social hangmatt e (t+) "best of course naked" : these are the most beautiful nudist bathrooms in Brandenburg (t+) Russia reacted to Amnesty International's report by publishing alleged examples on Thursday in Moscow in which Ukrainian troops had entrenched themselves in houses or schools. "Any attempt to question the right of the Ukrainians, to oppose the genocide, to protect their families and houses", was a "perversion", wrote the Ukrainian defense minister Olekxij Resnikow on Facebook.

Also on Twitter, several users reacted indignantly to the report and partly called for the resignation of the general secretary of Amnesty International, Agnes Callamard. This in turn reacted to the criticism on Twitter and wrote: “Ukrainian and Russian social media mobs and trolls: They are all attacking Amnesty today. This is called war propaganda, disinformation, disinformation. "

" Apparently the General Secretary of Amnesty calls me a 'mob' and a 'troll', "replied the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba," but that does not prevent her from saying that her report The reality distorted, produces the false moral equation between the attacker and the victim and increases the disinformation effort in Russia. This is fake 'neutrality', not truthfulness. ”(With dpa)

Pentagon is prepared to protect Pelosi with fighter jets and ships if she visits Taiwan after China warned her not to, report says .
China threatened to involve its military if Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taiwan next month. China opposes any recognition of Taiwan as its own country. In recent months, the country has stepped up its rhetoric and military actions toward Taiwan, with Chinese planes carrying out multiple training exercises near Taiwan's air space.The US publicly showed support for Taiwan after Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. Taiwanese leaders have expressed fears that China would do the same in Taiwan.

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