World: Ten minors have been stuck underground for several days in Mexico, here is their story

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Les secours s’activent autour de la mine de Sabinas (Mexique) où sont bloqués les mineurs, dimanche 7 août 2022. © Photo: Luis Cortes / Reuters The emergency services are busy around the Sabinas mine (Mexico) where minors are blocked, Sunday August 7, 2022 .

Ten minors are blocked underground, in Mexico, since Wednesday, August 3, 2022. They found themselves trapped after the collapse and flood of three coal wells. Since then, rescuers have been trying to bring them back to the surface. Here is their story.

. © Map: Ouest-France .

“Time plays against us. Miguel Riquelme is the governor of the state of Coahuila, in Mexico . He evokes, in these words reported by the press agency Reuters , Monday August 8, 2022, the drama which is played under the ground of the municipality of Sabinas, in the north of the country: since Wednesday August 3, ten minors are blocked underground, after the collapse and flood of three coal wells. Since then, rescuers have been trying to bring them back to surface .

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"Decisive" day on Saturday

The time trial committed on Wednesday, early in the afternoon. By digging, minors fell on an area of ​​the mine filled with water. A collapse caused the flood of the three coal wells with a depth of 60 meters.

The drama takes place in an artisanal mine, very dangerous.

"The minors dig a two meter diameter well, and continue to dig until we find coal", explained a metallurgical engineer, Guillermo Iglesias, on a Mexican radio. This type of infrastructure does not protect workers from collapses, unlike the protections that exist in an industrial mine, he added.

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after the accident, five minors manage to go out, but ten have remained blocked. The authorities then announce the sending of hundreds of rescuers, who install submersible pumps in the three flooded mine, which is connected to each other. Objective: to lower the water level in underground galleries. The idea is to allow divers to enter the mine, to be able to get the men who are trapped there.

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Un secouriste, dimanche, sur le site de la catastrophe. © Photo: Luis Cortes / Reuters A rescuer, Sunday, on the website of the catastrophe. Operations continue for several days. On Saturday, August 7, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said that it is a "decisive"

day for rescuers. "We will know if there is the possibility that divers can enter [in the mine] without risk", he says. ,400 rescuers mobilized

but specialists cannot enter the flooded wells: the water level, which is 34 meters away, only dropped by 9.5 meters. Too high to allow them to try to meet minors.

The Mexican president went there on Sunday.

"We must continue to work to save minors, he said.

We must continue to do what we are doing and more. »

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minors stuck in Mexico. The president asks the rescuers to "do more"

nearly 400 rescuers are still mobilized, and the pumping of the water which floods the wells continues. The authorities hope to be able to start the rescue operations strictly speaking "in the middle of the week", said Luis Cresencio Sandoval, the Secretary of National Defense, in words reported by the Mexican daily

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on Monday.

© Photo: Luis Cortes / Reuters Une proche de l’un des mineurs bloqués, samedi 7 août. a close to one of the blocked minors on Saturday August 7. Other mining tragedies is not the first mining tragedy that affects the state of the coahula, which produces 99 % of Mexican coal. In June 2021, seven minors died after the collapse of a mine in the Múzquiz region. Another accident remained engraved in the memories: 65 minors lost their lives on February 19, 2006, during the explosion of a gas pocket in the Pasta of Conchos mine controlled by the conglomerate Grupo México. Sixteen years later, 63 of the 65 bodies still lie at the bottom of the mine.

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