World: travel industry increasingly leaves Corona crisis behind

back to normal? Difficult restart for organizers

 back to normal? Difficult restart for organizers live concerts, festivals at the weekend-before the Corona pandemic, this was part of the everyday life of many people. In spring 2020, the virus turned everything upside down. It hit concert and event organizers particularly hard. In March 2020, the industry was one of the first to stop working. In the current year she was one of the last that she was allowed to resume almost unlimited. © Andreas Arnold/dpa Booked concerts and events look like a return to normal after two years of pandemic.

After two hard Corona years, the travel industry celebrates a comeback. Organizers benefit from the desire to travel in Germany, which has not yet been clouded by the record -breaking inflation.

Die Reiselust der Deutschen ist bislang nicht durch die Rekord-Inflation getrübt. © Clara Margais/dpa The desire to travel by the Germans has not yet been clouded by the record inflation.

"After more than two years of pandemic, there is a lot of pent up," reports, for example, Ingo Burmester, Central Europe boss from Touristik. Despite the rapidly increased energy costs, sun-hungry, according to industry representatives in the 2022/23 winter season, does not currently have to adjust to large price jumps in package tours. For some managers, the chaos at German airports causes displeasure.

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  Green industry: Inside the big business of marijuana legalization lobbying The marijuana industry has dramatically increased its lobbying efforts within the halls of Congress since the first states legalized recreational use of the drug in 2012. The industry has spent over $20 million lobbying Congress since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana in 2012, with the bulk of the spending coming after Democrats retook the House in 2019, according to data compiled by OpenSecrets.

FTI boss Ralph Schiller sees a comeback from the package tour. "If you calculate it based on the trend, this financial year will be booked on average 15 percent more package tours than before the pandemic," said the manager recently. In the recent months, demand was up to 25 percent higher than in the 2018/19 period.

trend for higher -priced offers

organizer Alltours has already exceeded the pre -crisis level in the current financial year. "In the current summer season, we recorded an increase of 10 percent with the guests and a increase in sales of over 20 percent," said Alltours owner Willi Verwven. "Because our customers treat themselves to more, book higher-quality hotels and more all-inclusive offers."

the trend towards higher -priced offers and long -distance trips also sees tourism. The turnover of the current summer season is therefore significantly above the level before pandemic.

Corona: Minister of Health Lauterbach has been infected with Omikron variant

 Corona: Minister of Health Lauterbach has been infected with Omikron variant on Friday, the Ministry of Health announced that Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has infected with Corona. The SPIEGEL quotes the message: © provided by Gentside Health Minister Lauterbach has Corona the minister is fine, it has only slight symptoms. He temporarily perceives his official business from domestic isolation. Lauterbach infected with Omikron In the press release it is also said that Lauterbach had already been vaccinated four times and has nevertheless been infected.

No price jumps awaited

for price jumps in the upcoming winter season, holidaymakers, according to Burmester, do not currently have to adjust to themselves despite the significantly increased energy prices. "A largely price -stable picture is currently emerging," says the Manager from Touristik. Hotel and flight capacities for the 2022/23 winter season, as usual in the industry, were purchased months ago at the prices at that time and therefore cheaper.

«With high inflation, we, as an organizer, buy on average more cheaply than booking portals that require prices at the current time. The high inflation tends to favor the package tour, »explains Burmester. Alltours owner Verhuven speaks of a moderate increase in prices for the winter vacation of 3 percent so far.

customers unsettled by airport chaos

Finds Ingo Lies, founder and head of the special trip operator Chameleon Reisen, for chaos at the airports at the main travel time: «The Airlines offered a lot more flights at the beginning of the year than they have with theirs Personnel could have served. It's a bit negligent. » The airports would have let it go. According to

Lies, the providers, which specialized on sustainable trips, were increasingly received by customers from customers who were unsettled by the situation at the airports. In addition, the demand for the strong months of April to June was flattened with bookings well above the pre-coronary level from the end of June.

According to FTI boss Schiller, the current vacation trip boom was difficult to predict. But: "In our opinion, a lack of preparation for the main vacation time and exaggerated austerity measures are reasons for the chaotic states, for example at the airports."

Schwesig: Uniform criteria for Corona protection measures .
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) penetrates uniform requirements for further containing Corona pandemic. "It is important that we get clarity how we want to survive autumn and winter with Corona," said Schwesig of the German Press Agency in Schwerin. The traffic light coalition in Berlin had recently agreed on a draft for the new infection protection law, but the federal states still see the need for clarification.

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