World: Portugal: 10,000 hectares who left for smoke in a protected region

Direct. Fires and heat wave: more than 1,000 firefighters mobilized in Gironde and Landes

 Direct. Fires and heat wave: more than 1,000 firefighters mobilized in Gironde and Landes © Arnaud Journois/Photopqr/Le Parisien/Maxppp A Forest Fire in Hostens (Gironde), Wednesday August 10, 2022. The Landiras fire In Gironde resumed on Tuesday August 9 and extends this Wednesday in the Landes. Other violent fires take place in Drôme or in Maine-et-Loire. A new day of heat wave is coming while 16 departments are placed in orange alert. Follow our direct. Resumption of the Fire in Gironde . The fire of Landiras , in Gironde resumed on Tuesday at midday .

Un incendie de forêt à Manteigas, dans le centre du Portugal, le 10 août 2022 © Patricia de Melo Moreira A forest fire in Manteigas, in the center of Portugal, August 10, 2022 x a forest fire mobilizing some 1,500 firefighters on Thursday About 10,000 hectares of vegetation in the mountainous region of the Serra Da Estrela Natural Park, located in central Portugal. Entertainment still provisional provided by the European Forest Information System (Effis), the surface burned by this fire, which declared itself on Saturday in the commune of Covilha, corresponds to the tenth of the 100,000 hectares of this ge- World park classified by UNESCO in 2020.

Des pompiers tentent d'arrêter un feu de forêt près de la ville de Manteigas, le 10 août 2022 © Patricia de Melo Moreira of firefighters try to stop a forest fire near the city of Manteigas, on August 10, 2022 Thursday, columns of smoke continued to rise Above the wooded mountains on the east side of the city of Manteigas, where the back and forth of the water bombers who tried to slow the progression of the flames was heard. "The fire remains active despite a favorable evolution," commented the commander of civil protection Miguel Cruz during a press point at midday.

Portugal: EU eyes Iberia-Italy pipeline to get gas to Europe

  Portugal: EU eyes Iberia-Italy pipeline to get gas to Europe LISBON, Portugal (AP) — European authorities are considering a liquefied natural gas pipeline from Spain to Italy as a way of getting around France’s opposition to a gas link-up across the Pyrenees between the Iberian peninsula and central Europe, Portugal's prime minister said Friday. Portugal and Spain could send a lot of the liquefied natural gas, or LNG, they receive from around the world to other European Union countries, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said. He gave no further details, but such an undersea pipeline would likely take years to complete.EU countries have struggled to find common ground on how to wean the bloc off its reliance on Russian natural gas.

Since Saturday, several sides of the surrounding mountains have been completely blackened by fire, now being covered with calcined pines.

"It's a bit of disarray when we see this landscape. It almost makes you want to cry," said Jonathan Demolin, a 35 -year -old French tourist from the Orleans region to spend a vacation in the native region of its parents-in-law.

Video: Gironde: 1,700 hectares of forest ravaged by flames (Dailymotion)

According to the authorities, the fire made eleven light injured among the firefighters. A campsite and a river beach were evacuated on Wednesday and, in total, 26 people were temporarily moved from their homes and two second homes were damaged. - "Abandonment of forests" -

in the neighboring village of Verdelhos, reached by fire on Tuesday, the inhabitants lived there moments of panic. "The fire came from all sides. It looked like he was going to swallow Verdelhos. It was horrible," recalls Sandra Marcelino, owner of a 43 -year -old coffee.

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Like her, many residents were very critical towards the command of civil protection so as not to have known how to avoid the spread of fire on the highest mountain in the Portuguese continental territory, which culminates some 2,000 meters.

The mayor of Manteigas, Flavio Massano, also criticized the emergency services, accusing them of having concentrated their efforts in the protection of the areas where the Portugal cycling tour passed this weekend, to the detriment of the forest.

In a press release, the Ministry of the Interior acknowledged that operations management should be analyzed.

The biodiversity of the Serra Da Estrela natural park is "the first victim" of these fires, regretted the association for the defense of the Quercus environment, believing that these fires are in particular the result of an "abandonment of the forests" .

Portugal, which is experiencing an exceptional drought this year, has also experienced the hottest July for almost a century, according to the National Meteorological Institute.

Since the beginning of the year, some 74,000 hectares have already gone up in smoke, according to the latest estimates from the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF).


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