World: Jeremstar: This big fright avoided “in-extremis” to takeoff of his plane

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Jeremstar : cette grosse frayeur évitée “in-extremis” au décollage de son avion © Bestimage Jeremstar: this big fright avoided “in-extremis” to takeoff of his plane The trip to Jeremstar Indonesia is finished. But on Snapchat, the Youtubeur said he had a big fear when taking off from his plane in Denpasar. What finish this journey on a negative note.

This summer 2022, Jeremstar will remember for a very long time. Between , his drowning narrowly avoided Majorca and her galleys in airports in the United States , the friend of reality TV stars only aspired to one thing during his stay in Bali: tranquility. Unfortunately, this was not really the case. Like a real black cat , the youtuber lived many galleys with his friend Zaz during this three -week stay in Indonesia . Between fire on the island of Gili Trawangan and their Road accident, Jeremstar naively thought that misadventures were going to stop there. Unfortunately, this has not been the case at all.

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Saturday August 13 on Snapchat, the one who is actually called Jérémy Gliscon published a long story from the hospital, where he appeared under an artificial respirator . The reason ? The influencer was the victim of a violent anxiety crisis as he was swimming in the open sea to meet the Mantas rays. Obviously, Jeremstar unconsciously dismissed his drowning as Mallorca , and could no longer breathe. Completely panicked, especially since he had not put his life jacket, the Youtubeur preferred to return to the boat to try to catch his breath. Before returning to the water, motivated by her friend. Unfortunately, The ex of Lorenzo underwent a new anxiety crisis , which forced him to go to the hospital.

Jeremstar stops stressing

is therefore exhausted and however relieved that the Youtubeur flew to return to Paris this Monday, August 15. He first had to do an stopover in Bangkok , and obviously the first flight did not go very well. In Story on Snapchat between two planes, Jeremstar gave fairly disturbing news.

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I narrowly avoided but really in-extracted a new anxiety attack. I started panicking on the plane at the time of takeoff. Not because I was afraid of the plane, but for many other things. I started to put myself in a mood where I really felt that it was going to do like the other time so I was very afraid . I thought of everything you told me, that you can't die about it, that you have to take the time to control your breathing. And with the largest of self-control, it's going back down. But I was really afraid because it put me in a state where I started to see that it was really going to twist. This is really problematic these crises, I really hope it will pass , "said Jeremstar on the social network.

and one thing is certain, he was "really looking forward to being in Paris". “I develop lots of phobias like claustrophobia. There I am anxious to find myself far from home , this is the first time that it has done this to me and it is very complicated to manage ", deplored the Youtubeur . Come on, the nightmare is now finished for Jeremstar!

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